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Anyone fancy starting a Sellers support thread?

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Sooperswooper Tue 21-Jul-15 17:30:19

Just that really! grin

JustWantToBeDorisAgain Tue 21-Jul-15 17:40:43


Was up all night last night brooding on nightmare viewers, would love to vent...

JustWantToBeDorisAgain Tue 21-Jul-15 17:46:31

Hell I'm going to vent anyway.

They came for a first visit 4 weeks ago ( ish) despite it not being a)detached b) 4 bed and c) off road parking, booked for a 2nd viewing only found out 2 days later that they had cancelled, then tried to view again last week with1 hours notice, small kids, working, child's birthday meant just not possible. We said we would be more than happy to accommodate another viewing but need at least 12 hrs notice, when would they like to come? They refused to arrange a date for this week. So they rang again yesterday can we come in an hour!!! ( we were on a day out 40 miles away)

Arrrrgggggghhh ( to top it off they have already put an offer in and withdrawn it on another property during this time...)

ReallyNotAMorningPerson Tue 21-Jul-15 19:06:16

I'm in. Am at that nervous point where our solicitor has batted back the buyer's enquiries / requests for every bit of documentation under the sun which we don't have. Bit worried.

Sooperswooper Tue 21-Jul-15 20:46:18

Agh, i feel your frustration with that- it's the having to keep the house spotless (not easy with a 2.5ds and having a new job in a different part of the country that means I'm not here for half the week & dh tends to leave it as left - i.e. unmade beds and breakfast out- when he goes to work) just in case a last minute viewing comes in. I feel that i can't turn viewings down, so am bending over backwards to accommodate. For example, a keen viewer apparently wants to come tomorrow at 630, which is bang in the middle of bed time & bath, so we'll have to go on an extended walk.

reallynotamorningperson - what is it that you're missing? We had to get an indemnity insurance for a non FENSA window we had in the last place. My parents are in the process of selling their house and their buyers have emailed them directly ( my dad is a fool for giving out his email ) asking whether they can come over and check everything is working/ explore the house for an hour! shock Though i am slightly envious that at least they have a buyer..

Sooperswooper Tue 21-Jul-15 20:48:48

One thing that made me laugh yesterday was a question about where I keep my shoes and my clothes yesterday. We have a massive under stairs cupboard where the shoe racks are and a huge double built in wardrobe in our bedroom plus two chests of drawers that house our clothes. It has made me think that obviously I don't have enough clothes and shoes and that I need to purchase more!

goldenlilliesdaffodillies Tue 21-Jul-15 21:53:34

Yes please can I join in? I am getting so fed up of trying to sell our house. We have had 21 viewings and no offers despite dropping the price significantly.
It's a pretty chocolate cottage with lots of curb appeal, interesting history and in a sought after area for schools. It is on a country lane but not right on the road but set back with a garden in front (and all around).The estate agent cannot understand why it is not selling. It isn't over priced compared to other properties but appreciate as it is Grade 2 listed in the countryside it won't appeal to everyone. However some of the feed back is really silly for an older property. Things like the beams and doorways are too low (they are actually higher than many older properties in the area with beams and not low). Someone viewed on a rainy, stormy day and said it was too dark due to the beams.

The estate agent doesn't know what else to do and says it is a case of waiting for the right buyer. He says the market will go dead from now until September. I am so worried we will lose the property we are trying to buy.

spydie Tue 21-Jul-15 21:59:08

I'd quite happily murder our buyers right now.... See other post!

And totally dreading if it does go back on the market as I can't imagine there will be much happening until September time now!!

Asleeponasunbeam Tue 21-Jul-15 22:04:45

We're getting despondent too. We got an offer on our second day on the market, 7 weeks ago, but she withdrew as her earlier rejected offer on a different house was accepted. So we lost the house we really wanted at that point.

Since then we've had 12 viewings, no offers and no useful feedback at all. Stupid things like it doesn't have 'character'. Well, it's a standard 3 bed semi on a road with other 3 bed semis. The photos on rightmove show what it's like!

I agree with the stress of keeping it tidy at all times - 2 young DC and a hairy dog, both of us work full time.
The whole process is so stressful and long!

DH is particularly despondent now as he really loved the house we wanted. I wanted to move quickly to sort out schools and childcare, but we'll be starting next academic year in the same school - not a bad thing but a summer move would have been good.

paddingtonbear1 Tue 21-Jul-15 23:20:56

Yes, count me in.
We had an offer after only a week on the market, which we accepted as we'd seen a property we wanted to buy. Our buyer has just pulled out as he's seen another property he prefers half a mile away. We've lost a few hundred quid and could lose our purchase. Argh!

MrsFlorrick Tue 21-Jul-15 23:39:54

Count me in!!!

Buyer made an under asking offer which we accepted because they said they were chain free and had a mortgage ready.

Mortgage turned out to be having filled in one of those "how much can I borrow" things. hmm
They were supposed to exchange today after missing deadline last week. hmmhmm

Apparently solicitor can't find their mortgage offer. hmmhmmhmm angry. I don't think they've actually had one.

We are putting the house back on the market on Friday. Agent is lining up viewers for Saturday.

Even the estate agent has given up and said we should remarket. Given they've missed two deadlines and kept making promises they can't back up. I don't think we have any choice.

Annoying time wasters.

One small silver lining is that we already bought our new home a while ago and a mid way through the refurb. So actually a delay in selling means we won't have to go into rented for a short while.

Still I am annoyed. They have made us spend £600 in legal fees which will be abortive. angry And I absolutely hate time wasters.

It very much looks like they can't actually afford our house and are trying to cobble it all together with various loans. hmm

Sooperswooper Wed 22-Jul-15 08:08:11

asleep and golden - that made me laugh. Do you think in general that when people say "character, they are basically talking about a log burning stove and a butler sink, regardless of whether it's a modern or older property?

mrs florrick - that's terrible! I also hate time wasters (albeit it earlier on in the process), especially as it takes ages to get ready for a viewing as although these new EAs we've got are pretty good at weeding out time wasters, our last EAs were terrible and basically let people who were in no position whatsoever to buy come and have a look around!

We've had, with the new EA, about 15 viewings but no second viewings or offers. I had an epiphany last night re: what's wrong- it's because downstairs it has the space of a two bed victorian cottage, but because it has so much space upstairs and 3 big double bedrooms (attic conversion), marketed as a three bed. This means that those who want the 3 bed space are disappointed as there is not enough space downstairs and those who want a 2 bed are not looking. It will mean that the price will need to be dropped by 5-10k i think.. not sure though. Need a chat to the EA. I'm just really worried about when it might sell. Anyone know when the market gets a bit busier?

This is such as relief though because I was rather thinking I was pretty alone in feeling so stressed about selling and having no offers. Not that i'd wish this on anyone else but good to know there is company in the boat iyswim.

threeberries Wed 22-Jul-15 14:23:15

God so glad I've found this thread! Trying to sell our house is driving me mad! I have a 3yo and 5yo and I'm 35weeks pregnant (wasn't pregnant when we put house on the market its taken that long!)

Absolutely sick of getting the house ready for viewings at short notice only to be told by ea that they liked the house but... always something like area which they could have worked out without viewing the house!angry We aren't in the best area but price reflects this just so fed up of the whole process.

sorry for the ranty first post but it's been one of those dayssad

MrsFlorrick Wed 22-Jul-15 14:49:33

Sooper. It's utterly painful. I'm sorry your EA is such a tosser!

Our EA is ok (for an estate agent wink).

It's not his fault the buyer is a Walter Mitty.

They have apparently found the mortgage offer but now the solicitor has lost something else. hmmconfused Her ineptitude certainly makes me appreciate my solicitor who is the very model of efficiency!

Other than locating missing mortgage, no idea whether it's actually going to happen. They are that flaky.

If the EA has given up perhaps it's time we also threw in the towel.

Those in similar position or awaiting offers/buyers/viewings, market usually does a little bump upwards during very end of August and beginning of September

thanks To all of you for have the patience of a large collection of saints.

Wonder if I am developing an ulcer. My stomach hurts all the time and worse when I eat. sad

MrsFlorrick Wed 22-Jul-15 14:51:16

Threeberries grin. I was 36 weeks pregnant last time we moved. It was actually easier than this time.

Mostly because everyone in the chain were so worried about upsetting the pregnant lady that everyone just did as I asked wink

Play the pregnancy card!!! Emotional blackmail time!!

Sooperswooper Wed 22-Jul-15 16:25:51

Mrsflorrick- fingers crossed it happens soon. Can you put it back on the market anyway just in case it doesn't go through?

My viewing for tonight has just cancelled. AARGH. angry I tell you- this experience is going to make me into the perfect, perfect buyer. threeberries isn't it always bloody ridiculous! I'm just too optimistic and think that even if viewers have noted the less desirable location etc, then the house itself will make up for it. Actually- forget optimistic- I'm deluded, obviously.

My new EAs are actually really really good - had a very detailed email before I could have a chat this morning regarding exactly what I had said re: two bed, so it's actually reassuring that she's thinking along the same lines as me. Think we're going to have to take a 15-20k price reduction hit shock Problem then is, that in order to buy in the area we want, we will have to get pretty much the asking price.

I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!! I almost want to meet the viewers [ grab them by the necks and force them to listen ] myself to tell them how lovely this house actually is. It's the first house we've had that I actually truly love. I just wish I could take it with me!

Slowlybutsurely Wed 22-Jul-15 17:32:29

Can in join please! We had an offer in May, all going through but endless questions from solicitors! Am so scared that they are going to pull out. It took us ages to get a sale, can't face the time wasting viewing again! And now there is nothing on market that we want to buy! So feeling fairly panicky!!

MrsFlorrick Wed 22-Jul-15 18:23:53

Sooper. Yes it's going back on market Friday morning if they have not exchanged.

angryangry For you about your viewing angry. Very annoying. I had quite a few of those. I have a 4yo and a 6yo so have to spend time getting the place clean and tidy. Well extra clean and tidy and if people cancel at last minute then you'be been massively put out. As well as not getting a viewing.

I wouldn't say I'm a bad or a good buyer but I do stick to agreed time scales because otherwise sellers tend to put their houses back on market.

I do have a very bad feeling about these people. I actually had bad feeling about 10 days after going under offer. They took 2 weeks to instruct a solicitor. angry Not the actions of folk who actually want to buy your house.

I suspect they are dreamers who can't afford it and are hoping to borrow to the hilt

queribus Wed 22-Jul-15 19:35:44

Can I join in too? House been on the market for about 10 weeks - not long, I know - lots of viewings, but no offers. I'm not sure EA is even checking whether people are in a position to proceed, and I think they're telling me lots of half truths (oh yes, Mrs X has definitely sold/sale fell through an hour ago)

Some viewers say such daft things - wanted character (it's a relatively new house on an estate); who cuts the hedges (??); want a bungalow; want a new build; need to be near x school. Don't these people look at the details on Rightmove first!!!??? It's all there.

It's so frustrating. We have found a house and the seller will wait (for now) but I desperate not to lose it

anotherdayanothersquabble Wed 22-Jul-15 21:29:08

We have an offer, accepted, all going through but have no idea when it is going to complete. We are in rented abroad, need to put down a deposit, give three months notice on our very expensive rented property and cannot apply for a mortgage here until we have sold in the UK.

It is completely beyond me why their solicitors cannot tell us what date they are working to, we are bending over backwards, accepting everything and putting indemnity policies in place for everything they can think of ('unknown covenant from 1901 between unknown persons' that the same solicitors missed when we bought the property 8 years ago! I want to scream at them!! Plus a non FENSA window fitted 8 years ago - seriously??)

Sooperswooper Thu 23-Jul-15 09:09:39

I remember that from last time we sold anotherday- it really frustrates me!
I suppose on the plus side, that you are able to get indemnity policies, but y god- the unknown covenant (!!) I'm quite glad that at least we won't be in a chain as I think we're going to live with my parents for a few months so we're in a better position to buy/ pay off grad loan with purchase so have time to get bank statements (new) mortgage ready.

queribus- we had viewings from the first EA which turned out to be just the admin people from the office going for a nose around!! angry Have the EAs said anything about why it's not going any further? My one said yesterday that (&i quote) "There is an argument to suggest that if after 3 (ish) weeks of marketing (so long as the agent is proactive and the marketing is good) that if a house hasn’t sold then it comes down to price and price only – but we do have to take into consideration the time of year too". Which makes sense I guess.

Before literally every viewing thus far, I've seen a single magpie, so although I am the most un-superstitious person in the world usually, I am slowly turning into a person that has to salute magpies. I have a viewing at 2pm today, so am planning to stay inside beforehand so those pesky magpies can't give me a complex ( WHAT is happening to me.. )

MrsFlorrick Fri 24-Jul-15 11:17:21

The joy continues here.

Sellers mortgage offer appears. It is conditional upon an NHBC guarantee.

This house is 200 years old so built quite some time before NHBC existed. Solicitor had told the bank "it's all new" by which she meant newly done up.

It's hopeless really. I'm ready to throw in the towel.

Why is everything made so utterly difficult? It's really crap.

So as you can all see, it's not just buyers. It's their lenders and solicitors. angry

DH has said don't tell me any more I can't listen to it. Thanks DH I will wallow in it all alone.

I hope your day is more successful than mine.

paddingtonbear1 Fri 24-Jul-15 11:49:32

We've had no enquiries since our house went back on the market - has the market died for summer?! It has only been a week though.

goldenlilliesdaffodillies Fri 24-Jul-15 15:02:11

Our EA has told us that now the schools have broken up the market will go completely dead until the middle of September.

On a positive note we finally had an offer. However as it is over £100K below the asking price we can't accept it as we then can't afford the house we are trying to buy. It is so depressing and slightly annoying as we had already dropped the price by £50K.

I am finding it such a strain trying to keep the house tidy for viewings with the children not at school. Does anyone have any tips?!

Sooperswooper Fri 24-Jul-15 15:27:38

Jeez- that awful mrsflorrick! Is it back on the market now? Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

We've had about 6 viewings in the past few days - mostly last minute so I have to put bribe ds with iPad whilst I run around manically tidying. No tips goldenlillies I'm afraid apart from that! As the weather is so appalling, having to bundle ds into car for a drive whilst the viewings happen (2 already today and another one at 4) BUT.. on the plus side we've had an offer! 25k off the actual asking price though (they thought they'd make a "cheeky one" apparently hmm which we absolutely cannot afford to accept so EA negotiating. Fingers crossed. They are buying from abroad, so don't actually have a mortgage in place as yet but apparently can buy with cash if necessary.

goldenlillies do you think the people offering will be able to go up to what you need?

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