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Moving to Nottingham

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spriteautn Mon 20-Jul-15 14:10:40

We are relocating to Nottingham area due to new job in a few weeks and not been familiar with the area seeking some help from locals.

The Job is in the center of Nottingham not far from the train station. We don't want to live right in the city yet not so far away ( 20/25 miles commute is probably max) .

Seen a place in NG15 - any thoughts on whether its a nice area of hucknall or is it to be avoided, can anyone suggest nice areas of Hucknall ? .


Peshwari Mon 20-Jul-15 19:45:06

Some people would avoid Hucknall completely but I think it's ok, great access to the city centre with the tram and the train (12 mins) but close to the countryside as well. We're in Hucknall and our local pub is actually in Linby which is a lovely little village.

Nicer areas I would say are most of the north east bit, Papplewick Lane, Vaughan Estate (Haydn Lane), Linby Road.

Then the area round Farley's Lane, Shortwood Avenue is quite nice.

Wood Lane, Garden Road area is fine too.

Would avoid Ruff's Estate, area round Broomhill Road and centre.

Do you have kids/partner/hobbies/budget?

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