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Asking for rent rebate - yes or no

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Oresome Mon 20-Jul-15 12:54:33

Long time lurker here but a situation has arisen that I could do with some advice on.

Due to present circumstances, I am currently house sharing. After a few months of this, our landlady asked one of my housemates, who is also one of my oldest friends, if he wanted to buy the property from her. He said yes and bought the property jointly with his siblings. All was well for a few years and the house really feels like home for me. A few months ago he was offered a job far away so he has moved out and his sister, who owns the property jointly with him, has moved in. All is not well!

She decided to replace the bathroom (which did need work) and so we have had the builders in for nearly 4 weeks now. No shower, no loo for the first week and then on and off, depending on what the builders are doing. The bath was put in in the second week but it is not sealed and the tiling has not been completed. There is minimal hot water and the whole house is a mess with dust and dirt covering every surface.

She has been away for three of the weeks and is currently stomping around, huffing and puffing, and complaining how terrible everything is, even though I spent a whole day tidying up and cleaning what I could before she returned.

What should I do? I am not working at the moment so money is tight. She is quite aggressive and I know wants to get me out of the house so that she can get a friend of hers to live here. I don't want to give her the excuse to ask me to leave but equally, I pay 90% market rent and have not really had the use of the bathroom for nearly a month.

Advice welcomed!

specialsubject Mon 20-Jul-15 13:04:25

as you share the facilities with the landlady you are (I believe) a lodger not an AST tenant. Your rights/protections are much less. But so is the notice you need to give. is there anything in writing?

her problems with the builders are her problems, nothing to do with you. Ignore playground tantrums, just walk away.

if you want to stay house sharing with someone who doesn't like you...that's fine. If you don't - you can go when you like.

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