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Cooker hood for rear duct

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PigletJohn Thu 16-Jul-15 16:43:09

Looking for extractor with no chimney. Old one has duct connector in the back but have not been able to find replacement. Duct through wall is centred 1850mm above floor and would be awkward to make new hole.

Modern hoods seem to have the motor and fan on top where a fake chimney would hide them, but putting an elbow on that would mean the hood was too low.

Old one is 1000mm wide but 900 would do.

AgnesGrey Thu 16-Jul-15 18:05:21


Is this the sort of thing - says the 90cm one can be rear ducted.

AgnesGrey Thu 16-Jul-15 18:06:22

link would help


MrsFrancisUnderwear Thu 16-Jul-15 18:17:29

I was going to say that this is a question for Piglet John.

PigletJohn Thu 16-Jul-15 23:44:26


I asked Elica, and they say that since last year they have discontinued the rear ducts on those hoods that previously had optional top and rear holes, including the Concorde and the Krea. They blame an EU regulation.

I am considering the possibility of cutting a hole in the back of one of those models, assuming that it has a plenum chamber.

I found a couple of suppliers but they won't open a box to see if their stock is the old pattern.

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