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Smell from oil fired boiler - normal?

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BerylStreep Wed 15-Jul-15 16:36:45

We have just bought a new house which has the oil fired boiler in the utility room. It smells quite strongly of oil. Is this normal?

I know that Building Control insisted on some remedial work with the boiler before they would issue the Building Control Certificate last month, but I don't know the detail (something to do with the commissioning).

Would it be worthwhile discussing it with Building control to find out the detail of their concerns? I don't even know if they would discuss it with us, given that we weren't who they were dealing with at the time.

CPtart Wed 15-Jul-15 17:06:25

We have an oil fired boiler in a utility room. We also have a "tiger loop" through which the oil filters from the tank in the garden to the boiler. This device is inside but apparently should be outside, which is the only reason we get the occasional whiff of oil. Have been reassured it's safe. Do you have one of these and is it inside?
Other than that I'm not much help but would certainly contact building control.

BerylStreep Wed 15-Jul-15 17:51:12

I have no idea about a tiger loop - will phone building control tomorrow and see if they will explain for me.

Loumate666 Wed 15-Jul-15 20:14:40

yup - our old one was quite stinky but it was a 15 year old boiler.

specialsubject Wed 15-Jul-15 20:39:54

strong smell is not normal. Get in touch with building control and ask for details, plus the details on the guarantee and the name of the installer. Check that they are OFTEC registered.

remember it MUST have an annual service.

BTW oil prices are low at the moment so tank up!

Whatdoiknow31 Wed 15-Jul-15 22:36:10

You should have a certificate from Building Control if it was a new installation which if they were insisting on commissioning I guess it's fairly recent.

The cert will have the name of the OFTEC reg company that carried out the work - quicker to ring them direct then go through BC

Regarding the smell of oil - no there should not be any smell inside the house. If it's fresh oil it could be an oil leak or residual from a small leak when commissioning. Depends how long ago it was done for the later but oil is really pungent and hangs for a few days depending on amount etc.

If it's burnt oil then could be problem with the flue not discharging outside properly.

If you can't get any help from the company that commissioned it give OFTEC a ring, they are the regulatory body for oil and very helpful. They will also be able to give you names of registered companies in your area.

BerylStreep Wed 15-Jul-15 22:41:46

Thanks. I think that the boiler was installed in 2007, but a BC certificate wasn't issued at the time, and it was only sought because the house was being sold.

The BC certificate went to our solicitor as part of the conveyancing documents - the sale was held up awaiting it, and I know BC had a list of things they wanted done before they would issue the cert - one of which was to do with the boiler.

specialsubject Thu 16-Jul-15 09:56:42

all the checks I mention still stand. Sounds like there may have been a dodgy installer. All heat-producing appliances need to have a BC certificate and all real installers know it and do it.

the boiler will also now be out of guarantee. Chase this and get it sorted by a proper OFTEC technician.

Whatdoiknow31 Thu 16-Jul-15 22:42:16

Can't agree more with Specialsubject, sound advice, especially with the smell of oil being present.

Let us know how you get on

verystressedmum Fri 17-Jul-15 11:21:55

I gave an oil fired boiler though it's in the garage, but I've never smelt that smell off it. We replaced it about 8 years ago as the other one packed in but there was no smell from the old one either.

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