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What IS going on here? Any theories please??

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18yearsoftrying Mon 13-Jul-15 11:46:10

Looked at a bungalow recently.

I mentioned the possibility of knock-down & re-build to the agent but we calculated in front of her that figures wouldn't stack up.

The agent has now thrown her DH's business card at us....he happens to work for a self-build co. I called him & explained we needed figures for a self-build.

He came round at the weekend, I asked him 4 times what the projected cost of s/b would be & not once did he answer. He did, however, ask what rooms we'd like but not once did he ask about size of rooms or the spec etc. which he would need to calculate an answer for me.

While in my home, he made a call to his DW (who he claimed not to speak to, only lives with at weekends) asking if Bungalow B was still available.

As a result, DH & I viewed a different one yesterday.

Agent AND her DH were there confused & they started going on about a plot of land that is available by separate negotiation....but there is nothing mentioned in the sales particulars of existing bungalow.

He then went on about how we could get a bridging loan to buy existing property & fund the purchase of extra land & self-build DESPITE knowing we can't afford it, are moving to make life easier & moving to make things easier financially shock

We left it with the agent that we'd be in touch soon.

This morning....the agents DH rings us & starts projecting ideas at us about how if we built a double garage or man-cave in such & such place blah blah blah we would benefit from cutting out road noise etc.

What the F* is going on here???

He is in no way whatsoever linked to the company/brand of estate agents & I don't think they are aware of his actions via his DW.

My theory is that they will want to put something in the contract that if we build & the value goes up over a decade they will want a %age of that.

Any theories??

whatsthatcomingoverthehill Mon 13-Jul-15 13:46:23

I don't really follow everything, but just tell the selfbuild guy you're not interested.

SevenAteNine Mon 13-Jul-15 17:02:36

They possibly would.

Bugger them. There's other properties.

WhoNickedMyName Mon 13-Jul-15 17:15:11

It all sounds really dodgy and I can't believe you went to a second viewing of ?another? bungalow with him in tow.

Tell him to do one until he is able to come up with an actual written, fully costed out, quotation.

He won't, so ditch the idea, and the estate agent, and carry on looking.

felkov Mon 13-Jul-15 17:25:49

Sounds like they own Bungalow B/the land and are trying to stitch you up!

If I were you I would avoid any further dealings with either of them.

18yearsoftrying Mon 13-Jul-15 18:05:12

Thanks for your thoughts.

Just to clarify, we didn't know he was going to be there, had no inclination, we weren't advised or even asked if we minded him attending. That's what made me suspicious.

The owners were there today & we could tell they are the owners by chatting, we spoke to the n'bours & I've done a lot of online searching this pm.

The mind boggles...

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