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Fitting fridge freezers into cabinets - please help!

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BadHenry Mon 13-Jul-15 10:42:08

We are just moving into a new house. Not re - doing the kitchen right now so have to work with what's there.

The cabinets have a space built in for a fridge (not fitted as such, just a gap with units either side and above). The space is exactly 90cm wide, 175.5cm high and 60cm deep. Previous owners had an LG American style fridge freezer which only just squeezed in (no gap at all), and stuck out about 15cm at the front. I don't think this was ideal as there is supposed to be 5cm gap all around the fridge so it can ventilate (??).

We could either
A) buy exactly the same model (no other models fit), drill some vent holes in the cabinets and hope for the best
B) buy a normal (non american)fridge freeze and have a big (30cm ish) gap at one side.

B would be much cheaper, obviously but night look awful? We don't really need an american style ff as there are only the two of us (for now).

Wwyd? Any advice would be appreciated!

SevenAteNine Mon 13-Jul-15 11:03:01

Have a gap. They need ventilation to work efficiently.

I remember my dad's fridge burning out one night. More unpleasant than dangerous, but still very expensive.

The ironing board what's an ironing board? could live to the side.

Sgtmajormummy Mon 13-Jul-15 11:27:15

One idea if you have height problems: when the kitchen fitters put my existing dishwasher into the gap, they took off the top panel, shaving off about 3 cm. it was going under a counter so it wasn't a problem of aesthetics. That would give you some leeway with your very tight space/ ventilation concerns.

(This was five years ago and I bought all the bits of kitchen for it to eventually be a beautiful flush line of bottom cabinets. Bloomin' eyesore dishwasher is still going strong!)

PigletJohn Mon 13-Jul-15 11:56:59

the gap at the side is not very important, but it is essential to have a clear gap at the back and the top so warm air can rise up and away. Also at the bottom so cool air can enter. See if your top unit has a big gap, or how it can be removed so you can get a bigger FF. 1800 or 2050 height is common, if you can reach the top shelf.

I am surprised if your instructions require a 2-inch gap at both sides but I suppose you had better follow them. Ask the maker's advice. Most fridges are 600mm wide, or sometimes 550 or 500. You can get a narrow kitchen unit to fill most of your big gap. Try Benjamin James or Lark and Larks. Any size you want, and numerous finishes (matching doors will be harder).

As long as you don't get an integrated, you can pull it out every few years to hoover behind it, clean out the drip tray and dust the condenser coils (unless they are panelled flat by the maker)

BadHenry Tue 14-Jul-15 08:16:41

Thanks all.

We finally made the decision to go for the smaller ff only to discover that the one we like is not the "right" shade of the deliberations start again confused. I think we might get a v small second hand one to tide us over and look at adjusting the cabinets as suggested.

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