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Mrs Florrick - any feedback on your stone vale natural stone shower trays?

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Butwhereto Sun 12-Jul-15 20:03:21

Hello. I am not sure if you are around... If you are, would you let me know how your stone vale natural stone shower trays are doing. They look lovely and I have used the company before coincidentally for some marble tiles. I just wondered if they mark really easily with normal products/use or you have to massively baby them compared to steel coated ones. Thanks for any advice.

MrsFlorrick Sun 12-Jul-15 20:17:40

They are as beautiful as the day they arrived. Hard to believe they've been in 3 years this August.

I had them sealed with Dry Treat sealant. Stinky stuff but had no issues at all.

Obviously you can't use acidic cleaners in stone. Or you can't throw a load of white vinegar over them.

However you can use bleach no problem. I don't need to often because stone is inert so a quick wash and wipe every week with good old washing up liquid keeps them immaculate.

To keep the glass shower screen free from lime scale, I use Method shower spray after morning shower or every other day. It doesn't damage the sealed stone and keeps lime scale off the shower glass.

I will get off my rear end and take some pics and attach them shortly.

Btw we have bought a new house. Project house and it's being refurbed. I will be fitting Stone Vales limestone shower trays in all three bathroom.

Butwhereto Mon 13-Jul-15 21:39:00

Thanks for the response that's really helpful. I am hopefully moving next month away from my lovely bathrooms to a new house with lots of awful bathrooms and am fussing over options. I love the real marble and limestone that I currently have but then again I have have porcelain replica Stone on my kitchen floor and its indestructible. I dropped a le creuset dish on it and the lid cracked and the tiles didn't even mark.

I feel like a stalker as you always turn up in my property related searches. I like the look of your Highams kitchen too!!

MrsFlorrick Mon 13-Jul-15 22:03:08

Butwhereto. grin Thank you.

I've not managed to crack or chip any of my limestone in the bathrooms.

If you opt for a Jura (beige or grey blue) or any Jerusalem limestone, they are almost indestructible. They are the hardest limestones available.

If cost is an issue have a look at Mandarin Stone. Their shower trays are cheaper but not bespoke. Their largest one is 1200 x 900 so big enough. It's cheaper. However not bespoke and their tray choices are limited.

If also seen granite shower trays. They would be indestructible hit clearly dark grey or black so would show limes cake badly.

If your stone is sealed properly at installation and your weekly cleaning involves washing with washing up liquid and water then your stone will remain pristine.

We do have one slight mark next to one of the toilets on the tiles. DD vomited and didn't quite hit the toilet. Stomach acid is about 1.5PH is extremely caustic and will burn through most things. It just left a mark

MrsFlorrick Mon 13-Jul-15 22:03:44

hmm Lime scale not limes cake hmm

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