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Would it be worth extending?

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ColdFeetWarmHeart Sun 12-Jul-15 14:13:09

We have been in our house for 6 months now. We had a 1 bed flat before, and now have a 3 bed house with a large garden. So obviously have more room than before. But there is still not as much room as we'd like, and there is a definite lack of storage space.

Our house is a weird shape, a bit like an L shape. Wide across the front, and then about 2/3 of the house sticks out. This leaves a gap about 4ft x 4.5ft that we could extend into. This wouldn't be big enough to fit in extra rooms, but we were thinking of doing a double storey extension here, which would make the 3rd bedroom a better size (a double), and lengthen the kitchen/diner. We were also thinking of extending the other end as well, and perhaps the back wall out a bit further. So we should get a good size kitchen/diner, a utility room, and hopefully a study or playroom.

Would it be worth extending to gain extra footage, but not extra bedrooms? At the moment we have just one DC, but are trying for another. 3 good size bedrooms are all that we need really, but we definitely need some more living space downstairs. I would also like to make the bathroom upstairs a bit bigger if we can, so that we can fit in a full size bath in there (have a short one, that even I cannot lay down in, and I'm only just over 5ft!! - poor DH at 6ft doesn't stand a chance!!), and in an ideal world a walk in shower as well. Downstairs we are definitely in need of a larger kitchen/diner, as we struggle to seat 4 people out there, and we are lacking good cupboard space. Another room that we could use as a study/playroom would be lovely, so that the lounge doesn't get too full of toys, books, DVD's etc.

Any ideas? Would it worth extending to just gain extra space? Would it add value on to the house (when the time comes we would probably need to remortgage to fund it) or would we be better off moving house?
How do I find out the ceiling price for a house in my area? Obviously no point in doing all this work to a house if it doesn't add value.

yomellamoHelly Sun 12-Jul-15 17:22:13

What have other people in similar houses round you done? Could you ask the ea you bought through for advice? Is this your "forever" house - in which case it'd be worth adapting it to suit you. (Just beware of the likely cost of doing all this and the impact on your lives while the work's being done.)
We're currently updating ours to match the houses in the area that have already been extended / modernised (ours done 35 years ago so very dated). It'll add about twice what it's costing us to the value of the house (and make it lovely to live in). But we don't intend to move and can just about afford it.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Sun 12-Jul-15 18:30:30

It's hard to compare our house to others in the road, as they all have slightly different layouts. Some are still owned by the housing association, so those have had relatively little changes over the years.

a house 2 doors up from us have extended, but their house is a completely different layout.
I suppose its worth asking the estate agents - would we need to fib and say we were looking to move, or would I be able to call them and say "can you give me a valuation in current state, and an estimated valuation if we were to do x,y,z. Do you know what other houses in the area have done?"

I'm not yet sure if its a forever house. If we could make it work with the extensions etc then it might well be.

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