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can you help me plan this space?

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sweetheart Fri 10-Jul-15 14:24:36

We have just put in planning for this space at the rear if our property. We are aiming to fit in a kitchen, dining area and living area. Anyone got any good ideas for configuration?

sweetheart Fri 10-Jul-15 14:27:17

The window on the right hand side is optional at this stage depending on where we put the kitchen. there will also be a roof lantern in the right hand corner by the french doors.

DorisLessingsCat Fri 10-Jul-15 14:28:28

What's the orientation (i.e. - where's north?)?

sweetheart Fri 10-Jul-15 14:43:42

The sun rises at the bottom middle of the picture and sets at the top middle of the picture so the rooms get sunlight from lunchtime until sun set.

TremoloGreen Fri 10-Jul-15 19:33:51

How about a straight run of cabinets/appliances along the long right-hand wall, with a shorter row of tall cabinets housing pantry units and fridge/freezer against the back wall of the sitting room.

Have an island to house either your hob or sink (I would choose sink personally, then have a stone top for the island and cheaper tops, e.g. wood or bamboo on the rest of the kitchen), parallell to your straight run, but closer to the back wall, connecting the three areas. I would have a big freestanding range cooker in the middle of the straight run but might you prefer an eye level built in oven? If you would, you need to house that in a tall unit.

How is your understairs space being used? Is it an option to stack your washing machine and tumble dryer in there and make a mini laundry space? Then you don't have them running when you're using the room as living space.

Put the dining table - probably an extendable one - in front of the island closer to the doors. Then set up an l-shaped seating arrangement backing onto the dining table, looking onto the short 3.7 mwall, if you want a tv, or woodburner etc there, or in a U-shape looking on to the dining area, around a nice big coffee table if you prefer setting it up for games/conversation.

TremoloGreen Fri 10-Jul-15 19:35:25

Try something like Room Sketcher to see what size of furniture/ number of units you can fit in

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