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Amtico flooring - insulation layer

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georgebaileyfan Wed 08-Jul-15 08:08:52

We are looking at Amtico for the whole of the downstairs of a place we've just bought. In the past we've had engineered wood floors and/or carpets and made sure we've gone for the best available insulating underlay possible (Gold).

Looking at Amtico is seems no underlay is or can be fitted, so you just have a very thin layer of hard vinyl? Is this correct? How about energy loss through such a large surface area? Or have I misunderstood all this?
Can anyone advise? Thanks.

goingtotown Thu 09-Jul-15 00:40:07

Amtico is only as good as the floor layer. They have an excellent technical helpline.

NotCitrus Thu 09-Jul-15 04:28:12

Insulate under the floorboards instead.
Amtico is fantastic stuff but needs to go on a perfectly flat floor, usually plywood over floorboards.

Have you considered underfloor heating?

Brunhildafair Thu 09-Jul-15 11:24:58

Amtico is fabulous. My neighbours had a bad flood in the house. They have lost all the carpets,vinyl flooring,even had to have the stairs replaced. The only thing that hasn't budged is the Amtico in the hall and main reception room.All the furniture that was standing on it is ruined,but the floors look as good as new. I think you get what you pay for !! Not really to do with insulation I know........

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