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tedious process questions re managing transition to new tenancy with some of the existing tenants

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Preminstreltension Tue 07-Jul-15 22:17:42

Sorry for the tediousness of this but old hands might know how to manage this. I have a 2 bed flat which has been let out for a year on an AST to two tenants in both names. They had a guarantor as they were students (but are now in work).

One is moving out at the end of the tenancy and one wants to stay and has found someone else to take up the vacant room.

The new one I will need to do reference checks on etc and may need a guarantor as well.

Can I require the existing tenant to continue with the guarantor arrangement he has had up to now as well? He's only just finished his studies so has no work history yet and although he's been a decent tenant he has repeatedly been late with the rent (as in every other month!).

This was all managed by the agent first time around but the agent is no longer involved so I haven't had to sort out the legalities before.

specialsubject Wed 08-Jul-15 10:06:31

he's not a decent tenant if he is continually late with the rent. He's probably playing the system so as not to be late enough to allow you to evict him - but I'd have some serious words before you renew his tenancy.

you certainly must insist that he continues with a guarantor with that record. If he doesn't want to/can't do that - that's fine, but renegotiating leases works both ways and if you can't reach agreement, he leaves.

check your legal and rent guarantee insurances.

Preminstreltension Wed 08-Jul-15 14:40:03

That's very helpful thank you.

I think he is the less responsible one of the two - but to be honest I do think he is just a bit young and disorganised rather than dishonest. He's got a good job now having finished his Masters so may learn to be more organised.

I will check all the insurances I have in place.

specialsubject Wed 08-Jul-15 15:24:15

he is clearly organised enough to finish a degree. You are his landlord, not his mother.

issue a warning that rent needs to be paid on time. Regardless of birthdays, sparkly tat, piss ups or disorganisation.

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