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Mid-priced kitchen - like Neptune but cheaper - any ideas??

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Bramshott Tue 07-Jul-15 12:31:09

We're having a kitchen extension in the new year and just working out where the kitchen will come from. The last one we had was B & Q and has NOT lasted well. We probably have about 10k to spend (possibly up to 12k), and the kitchen is not enormous.

I love Neptune kitchens and they look really solid, but after a visit to their showroom it quickly became clear that that's a non-starter for us because of cost. So the question is, where will last longer than B & Q / Ikea, but still be a reasonable cost??
Particularly interested to hear if anyone has used Handmade Kitchens, or Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets as those two look quite good online, and much more within our price range.

ElsieMc Tue 07-Jul-15 14:25:07

We had Howdens. We could only afford bottom range from a local showroom but top of the range from Howdens ie the painted oak.

Be aware you will not get the "showroom" experience as you are buying from a builders' yard. You can only buy as trade as well, so you will need your fitter/joiner/friend with business to agree you use their account.

Against Howdens is the fact they are not "bespoke". You won't get the top units running around corners etc as they are standard and the architrave is ever so slightly out on top of the units. Also delivery was costly as locally they use a removal company!

Having said that delivery took place on time without even a screw missing and if there was anything further, the delivery company said they would immediately go back and get it.

The kitchen has been very much admired and compared well against local top range kitchens. My friend was shocked how good it looked. Had their own brand sink in stainless steel which does scratch easily. It looks chunky and well made as well.

We used one of their recommended fitters and he was pretty good, but not five star. Pleasant to have working at the house and came back for one or two minor issues and when I damaged the worktop myself, he came back and refitted free of charge but I had to wait a month or two.

I was originally quoted £6,400 for units, but waited for sale when they were £4,800, but our fitter negotiated down to £4,500. Sales are usually in October. It has been in three years and looks like new. Just remember though if you have young ones, painted kitchens can chip just as high gloss show all sticky finger marks.

MrsFlorrick Tue 07-Jul-15 21:39:15

Yew tree kitchens Better quality than Neptune and much cheaper.

Devol shaker range. Not sure if they've hiked their prices recently but they used to be very reasonable.

Bramshott Wed 08-Jul-15 21:45:24

Thanks both! I'm making a shortlist of places to check out. I think what we probably need to do is get a plan from somewhere like Magnet, and then cost that up from various different places.

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