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Central London Letting Agents - Any Suggestions?

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Needmoresleep Mon 06-Jul-15 15:38:47

I decided I can no longer cope with the agression that of some of the sharper chains, but am now stressed by the inefficiency/unprofessionalism of a new local agent. I'm not sure I can do this any longer, though am effectively stuck as the property is owned by my mother so falls into my remit as her Attorney. Money obviously does not go to me, so I am relaxed about fees.

So...a nice helpful, supportive agent! The flat is a modern 2 bed in Westminster, so reasonably popular. Tenants are likely to be international/ex-pat so its not easy to do myself.

AgnesGrey Mon 06-Jul-15 16:12:39


No experience as landlord but we rented a flat once through andre lanauve and had no complaints. Professional and seems to do all the legal things you need properly - deposit protected , boiler / gas checks , also sent out people to fix anything when we asked. BUT we were the other side of the fence to you

We once had some-one round to value our house for letting when we though DH might have a job abroad - Knight Frank - the woman seemed v. knowledgeable and professional.

Other than that I have had experience from buying and selling with John D Wood and Douglas and Gordon, who both have letting depts. Professional and not "sharp".


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