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Mould and mildew remover staining bath?

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Finallyspringishere Sun 05-Jul-15 20:59:32

I sprayed some on a small area of yellowing bath sealant yesterday. This morning I found that the sealant is now lovely and white but there's a yellow stain on the bath. It almost looks as though the yellow stain ran down and pooled on the bath. I've tried cleaning it but it won't shift.

It's s brand new bathroom sad

wowfudge Mon 06-Jul-15 10:08:32

What's the bath made of? I think the bleach in the mould remover has discoloured the bath, but before you do anything let us know what the bath is made of.

I would also be concerned about moisture levels and lack of ventilation if you have the beginnings of mould in a brand new bathroom already.

Finallyspringishere Mon 06-Jul-15 12:01:57

The bath is acrylic. I think the bleach has stained it somehow.

The sealant was discoloring due to water that has been pooling there. My toddlers bathtoys are hanging in a net and holding water there. I've moved them now and the sealant is fine... it's just the bath now.

PigletJohn Mon 06-Jul-15 13:26:03

might it be a limescale-related mark?

A bathroom cleaning spray may remove it. For more effort, try a little vinegar dripped onto kitchen roll to hold it in place.

Finallyspringishere Mon 06-Jul-15 13:47:54

I don't think its limescale as its literally only in the place I sprayed the mould and mildew remover.... unless this could have stained limescale?

I'll try vinegar later as normal bathroom cleaner hasnt touched it.

wowfudge Mon 06-Jul-15 15:06:21

Okay - I have read that hydrogen peroxide works on bleach marks on acrylic although I don't have experience of using it myself. What you want to avoid is using anything abrasive as you'll scratch the bath surface or containing bleach trying to remove it.

What have you used so far in trying to clean it off?

Finallyspringishere Mon 06-Jul-15 16:41:17

I've tried flash bathroom cleaner, a baby wet wipe and a damp flannel.

Nothing hardcore yet!

wowfudge Mon 06-Jul-15 22:00:01

If you can, steer clear of anything abrasive as it will remove a layer of the acrylic, not just the mark.

Finallyspringishere Tue 07-Jul-15 09:43:24

Too fricken late! My dumb ass husband decided it would be a good idea to use a blade to try and scrape it off.

Argh I could kill him.

wowfudge Tue 07-Jul-15 12:59:29

Whaaat! Oh my goodness. Well that'll be better than the bleach mark which would probably have faded over time not.

wowfudge Tue 07-Jul-15 13:03:30

Do you have accidental damage cover on your insurance? You may want to consider claiming to get the bath replaced.

Finallyspringishere Wed 08-Jul-15 10:48:06

It doesn't seem that he has left any marks Thank goodness but what a stupid thing to do!

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