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Second extension on mortgage offer

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DoloresLandingham Sat 04-Jul-15 14:50:55

Has anyone successfully secured a second extension on a mortgage offer?

Purchase of our house is taking ages due to delays up the chain. Lender agreed a 28-day extension to the mortgage offer but since then a party in the chain has died (an elderly lady who had already moved into alternative accommodation) and we are now delayed once again while we wait for probate. Their solicitor assures us, via the agent, that it's a straightforward estate (will in place, not contested, no inheritance tax issues) and that it should be granted fairly quickly, but it'll take us to the wire on our extended mortgage offer and we can't risk it, so we've got to go back for another extension. I'm really worried that we'll have to reapply for the mortgage.

I'd be grateful for any similar experiences.

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