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Anyone live in Winscombe, North Somerset? We're thinking of relocating, and looking for local information

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Freezingmyarseoff Tue 30-Jun-15 12:20:17

We're planning a move to Winscombe, hopefully in the next 6 months or so, but it feels like a big move and I would some reassurance that it's good place to go to with young children. We have 3 DC (aged 6,3,1). From what I can gather the schools are pretty good but I don't know what nursery/preschool options are like, or what other activities there are for toddlers. I found a website for the pre-school but it looked like it had closed down. Can anyone confirm this or tell me what other options there are?

Also DH will be working from home mostly and he's concerned the mobile phone signal and broadband are a bit sketchy. Anyone able to enlighten me.
Many thanks

Sunnyshores Tue 30-Jun-15 13:05:30

Hi there

We've been in Winscombe for 12 months, renting at the moment looking for somewhere to buy - very fussy, houses are pretty expensive and there arent many in our price bracket for sale, or period properties, so we're struggling.

Personally I think the A38 and the area is far too congested, it takes ages to get anywhere. I thought it would be more country-fied which is why we'll buy 20 mins south and get an old farmhouse.

If you're happy with being more urban then Winscombe itself is IMO the best village for families in the area, it has quite a few shops, library, pub, the Jr school is good, the secondary school is one of the best in area and there are fantastic sporting facilities in the village and the strawberry line for walking dogs etc. You could easily live there and not need a car.

The 'best' villages ie most expensive are in the Chew Valley, Wrington and Wedmore. Much smaller, more rural and more expensive. Depends what you want from the move I guess.

Mobile and broadband connection is good.

Any questions, fire away!

Freezingmyarseoff Tue 30-Jun-15 14:46:28

Very interesting thank you. There doesn't seem to be a lot of houses for sale that suit our requirements either. Glad to hear broadband is okay though. We want to be more rural than where we are (small market town) but not sure we're ready to be totally rural and needing a car for everything.
Was it easy to find somewhere to rent?

Sunnyshores Tue 30-Jun-15 15:21:15

We had to move (not through choice) to this area and I thought Winscombe would be a good compromise between some shops and life vs rural country living.

There arent many villages in the area, just roads with a few houses right on the road. Or much busier places like Yatton, Worle. So in that sense Winscombe is much better.

Cheddar area is similar and may be a possibility, Kings of Wessex and Hughs Sexey are also great schools. Also the right side for Wells which is lovely.

However for me, it isnt really rural - not much countryside that you can go walking, bike riding in and the traffic is dreadful - Which would be fine if you were getting convenience instead - but its still 20 mins to Morrissons, DIY shops, 40 mins to any real shopping (Wells, Cribbs), an hour into central Bristol (which has some great attractions) WSM is pretty awful. Commuting any distance on M5 is a nightmare especially in the summer.

I think Im more negative because I dont have my own home yet and had to move rentals twice already so Ive not settled or made local friends. Rentals are really hard to get (4 bed family houses within 10 mins of Winscombe) and they certainly arent houses Id consider buying, yet are £1200pcm+.

As I say, depends what you want, Ive lived in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and I prefer all of them to here.

Freezingmyarseoff Wed 01-Jul-15 21:52:57

I can sort of see why you say all of those things. Certainly some food for thought. Excuse me if I'm being nosey but I noticed you were on a thread about Sidcot School. Are you DC there now? Are you happy with it? We're considering it for secondary (a long way off yet). I went to visit but perhaps due to bad timing, didn't see that many children in classes, they were all off doing something else.

Sunnyshores Wed 01-Jul-15 22:08:25

Yes. V different children, but both are happy and I think it's a fantastic school....--so stuck here!--

Sunnyshores Wed 01-Jul-15 22:14:24

Feel free to pm if you have more questions

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