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My dream is up for auction

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Stars66 Mon 29-Jun-15 23:00:41

This house there's no way it can be called a house ahem castle is up for auction. Anyone wanna pitch in a buy it with me. It has a mere 7000 sq feet 😳;jsessionid=35678B600FD2FB066DAB38FDD5F1DAD9
I hope that's clickable!!!

Waterandtea Mon 29-Jun-15 23:05:49

That's cheap! And lovely although needs a lot of work. I'd buy it if it was commutable to london but sadly not...

See if this link is clickable

Waterandtea Mon 29-Jun-15 23:07:49

To clarify by cheap I mean compared to the ridiculously overpriced houses in London, be lucky to get a 2/3 bed mid terrace around here for that

PoorNeglectedBike Mon 29-Jun-15 23:09:30

Yikes. Luckily I'm an accredited conservation specialist so although I've got no money I'll waive my fee in lieu of the west wing (and the chapel, I'll need the chapel too)

ChishandFips33 Tue 30-Jun-15 07:38:25


fakenamefornow Tue 30-Jun-15 07:47:03

That house looks like a complete money pit to me, and it's on the main road. (I'm a miserable git)

veiledsentiments Tue 30-Jun-15 07:51:22

Serious damp issues. But cheap.

Stars66 Tue 30-Jun-15 08:30:49

I just want the room with turrets -turrets?!-

ReadtheSmallPrint Tue 30-Jun-15 08:46:49

A bit of a do-er upper.

I don't think I could afford the heating bill.

ValancyJane Tue 30-Jun-15 09:00:33

Wow - that is stunning!!

Off to contemplate the possibility of adding turrets to our 1930's ex-council house.......

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Tue 30-Jun-15 09:02:23

That looks like a bargain but it would be a money pit. Never ending renovation/conservation job.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Tue 30-Jun-15 09:03:59

It is gorgeous though.

Mumblechum1 Tue 30-Jun-15 09:12:17

It's so beautiful

Valsoldknickers Tue 30-Jun-15 09:19:43

Oh wow! It's gorgeous! The arches, the handle on the interior door, the turrets, I could go on....

Agree with you OP about it being stunning. I would go halves with you but I only have about €200 in my piggy bank (and I'm not in the UK (minor details)). grin

slicedfinger Tue 30-Jun-15 09:23:18

That is utterly utterly gorgeous. I'm in love...

TheEmpressofBlandings Tue 30-Jun-15 09:23:46

<sob> that's down the road from us and cheaper than the much much smaller turret less house we've just bought.
On the bright side, at least our house is habitable!

LittleMissRayofHope Tue 30-Jun-15 09:25:57

Gosh!! Cheap!
I was lusting after a 3 bed bungalow with small garden a few months ago, at £800k!
But then I live in a insanely expensive North London village.

I couldn't live in that 'house' though.
Feels like living in a church.
Would freak me out. Too much stone and wood inside for me

SnakeWitch Tue 30-Jun-15 09:44:41

I would buy it just to go and have picnics in and maybe make my own horror film / period drama! Surely it's a bargain price just for the land?

GemmaTeller Tue 30-Jun-15 10:20:39

oooh, I saw this in the daily fail last week:

PoorNeglectedBike Tue 30-Jun-15 12:42:21

�200k will go NOWHERE on that. i notice they say 'interior' renovation, yes well it's the exterior that needs to be made weathertight, and you're not going to get much change from �1 million for that despite what the DM say about it being well maintained. it's not.

GnomeDePlume Tue 30-Jun-15 12:58:34

Oh wow!

Of course you know that the renovation will cost the purchase price again. The photographer will have been making the best of a bad job probably standing over a hole in the floor with the ceiling threatening to fall in on his head.

I love: Requires modernisation because having watertight roof and walls is such a new idea grin.

If I won the lottery then DH & I could spend the next few years renovating that......... (drifts off into a daydream).

GemmaTeller Tue 30-Jun-15 16:22:36

I would buy it if we won squillions on the lottery, just look at the land it comes with! but I agree £200k is going to go nowhere on it

Sleepybeanbump Wed 01-Jul-15 13:59:27

Fuck me! I could swap my shitty little south london semi for that.

But that part of the world is not THAT cheap tho. Either it needs MILLIONS spent on it, or that's just the crazy auction starting price.

Stars66 Wed 01-Jul-15 22:25:10

I'm thinking that the price has got to be a low starting point. Yes it will cost much more than 200,000 to do up, but the potential!!!! You could have it for events and weddings and functions and just live on one little wing. Joining you in dream land smilesmilesmile

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