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Top coat F&B over Dulux Trade or similar

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cunningplan101 Mon 29-Jun-15 18:20:25

Has anyone done this? It's what my decorator is recommending. I really like F&B colour and finish, but he is concerned about coverage. So he suggests Dulux Trade colour matched to F&B for the base coat, for better coverage, and then top coat F&B to get the nice chalky finish.

Kitsmummy Mon 29-Jun-15 18:38:29

1 coat of f&b wont be enough, you'll need two coats for good coverage (even with a base coat of something else underneath)

onthewingsofanangel Tue 30-Jun-15 12:35:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PlainHunting Tue 30-Jun-15 13:18:03

I did 2/3 (can't remember) mist coats of Dulux trade supermatt white, then 2 coats of the same undiluted , then 2 coats of F&B (very pale grey). Definitely needed 2 coats of F&B. 3 would have been better but I ran out of paint!

cunningplan101 Tue 30-Jun-15 21:57:51

Thanks for your answers.

That's interesting Plain Hunting - so you did 6 coats in total?

Have people painted with Farrow and Ball but without using the F&B special primers/undercoats?

PlainHunting Tue 30-Jun-15 22:06:42

I was painting onto plaster that had never been painted before (after removing many, many layers of wallpaper).

DoloresLandingham Tue 30-Jun-15 22:19:49

Duluth trade flat matt is nicely chalky with good coverage.

Sleepybeanbump Tue 30-Jun-15 23:56:38

There's absolutely no problem with F&B's coverage. All my decorators have found 2 coats absolutely plenty and have been surprised how far it's gone.

Tbh I find the decorators who make a fuss about it beforehand are the ones who have never used it before.

And I've investigated colour matching twice with F&B - slipper satin and downpipe. Not even close. Totally totally different colour. Hopeless.

No, I've never bothered with the F&B undercoat, and even my local F&B shop told me not to bother unless you are attempting a radical change of colour. So IME you have fairly light neutral walls already, and are replacing with another fairly light neutral colour, 2 coats on top of what's already there will be fine.

cunningplan101 Wed 01-Jul-15 00:22:23

Thanks Sleepy, that's really useful info.

The walls are actually newly plastered, like Plain Hunting's. So sounds like what's needed is to do the mist coats and base coat in a cheaper brand, and then two coats of F&B on top.

I've been reading reviews of F&B paints online and some do seem to have comments about poor coverage e.g. Drawing Room Blue has a few reviews (here) saying the coverage ended up streaky. However, all the reviews for Hague Blue say good coverage. Same with Teresa's Green - another colour I'm keen on - the reviews all say good coverage.

So maybe some colours fare better than others?

Sleepybeanbump Wed 01-Jul-15 07:41:04

Hmm. Not sure in that case, maybe the natural pigments mean different colours can behave quite differently. I've used a lot of their super popular neutrals and never had a problem.

One tip- Do make sure you really give the first coat time to dry. If you put another coat on and it's still damp it can lead to crazing. We've had this a few times, mainly because my decorators just won't believe me when I tell them this is the reason. They just say they'll slop another coat on and it'll cover the crazing. They don't want to listen to me because they think having to wait between coats will slow them down.

Your plan sounds fine on new plaster.

PlainHunting Wed 01-Jul-15 07:51:50

Agree about time between coats. I find it better to leave even longer than the recommended time, overnight if possible. That's obviously easier if you are doing it than if you have a decorator in.

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