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What's the best way of having a shower over a bath?

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Belleview Fri 26-Jun-15 18:32:35

Some baths are L this good? Shower screens can be curved, or folding!

What's the most efficient method, where you can have both a comfy bath, and actually have a good shower when you want to?

Ant tips that actually name products, received with thanks.

My current set up has a dripping clip on shower head with a crumpled shower curtain. I never use it, it's not at all nice.

Upgrade time.

I want to avoid dripping screens, baths that take ages to fill, and a shower with insufficient temperature regulator.

Madcats Fri 26-Jun-15 23:12:34

I was governed by the need to bathe a toddler easily as well as guest bathroom 8 years ago.

I am sure there are better solutions out there these days but this is still working (aside from the fact DD trashed the plug push up thing so we need to lift the plug up manually if anybody has a bath:

Double-ended steel bath (Bette) there is more of a flat area at both ends and the plug is in the middle, as was the water feed.

Hansgrohe Showerpipe - so the hand shower piece fits into a pipe that leads to an overhead shower (this makes it easier to push the shower screen right back out of the way.

Wall mounted 3 control wall panel with thermostatic valve and 2 way mixer
(so top lever turns the shower on..middle controls temp with a limiter..bottom one leads to the bath). Mine was a Cifial. I am sure there are others these days

Folding shower screen that folds into and out away from the bath (so make sure you position the shower head high enough).

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Fri 26-Jun-15 23:15:03

Bathstore (amongst others) do this curtain rail that has a small pane of glass as well, so you get the watertightness of a panel for showering without having a great bit of glass in the way when you have a bath (you just tuck the curtain up)

RaisingSteam Fri 26-Jun-15 23:31:52

We have the screen+plus curtain thing (Aqualux Elite). If the bathroom has good ventilation the curtain shouldn't get manky.

We have a completely separate wall mounted Mira shower, this shower-bath and a wall mounted tap. But you can get thermostatic bath-shower mixers, they often have them in Travelodge ensures.

Not sure if it's the best but there really wasn't room for a separate shower and it's a cracking big bath.

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