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wren kitchens

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Lindy911 Thu 25-Jun-15 12:08:16

Any one out there contemplating buying a kitchen from Wren Kitchens make sure you are up to speed with your consumer rights . If you are wanting to send anything back to Wren they will try and insist that it is in the box that it came in!!!!!! They will also tell you that if you buy a table and chairs these are purchased as 2 items and to return them as not fit for purpose as silver shards of metal are all over my floor and a hazard to my dogs and grand children will cost me £35.00. Their customer service are a joke and try and get a call back you will have more chance of platting fog. Please beware as they will drive you up the wall with even the slightest problem. I have never had to deal with with such a shower in all my life. Watchdog got it right with their report.

LindaKronstadt Sat 05-Dec-15 17:26:01

My sympathy. I'm about to post on the 9-page Wren thread what I'm going through with Wren. Awful, just awful.

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