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buying house

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mandykaur123 Thu 25-Jun-15 09:31:22

hi dear àll
actually we are planning to buy house bit cheap and good school around specially grammar school. .. We are looking around London because still jobs are in London West side... can anyone help me please

mandykaur123 Thu 25-Jun-15 09:51:52

Please tell me the areas around London with outstanding schools and price upto 2,80,000 ...Please help

mandykaur123 Thu 25-Jun-15 09:53:00

We are looking for three bedrooms and please mixed community. ..

bilbodog Fri 26-Jun-15 17:45:06

sorry - price confusing - are you looking up to £280,000, because if iso you wont get a house in London for that. If you want Grammar Schools then Buckinghamshire has them and parts of Kent but I'm not sure of any other areas close to London. You need to look on Rightmove and search on a radius of where you want to be but you wont get much in the South East for £280,000 if that is your top price.

mandykaur123 Mon 29-Jun-15 10:13:59

Thanks for the ininformation dear.. but still can't make mind up for best areas.?? what areas you recommend with excellent schools?

Belleview Mon 29-Jun-15 11:52:47

There are lots of excellent schools.

Your budget will dictate which ones you will be able to live close to.

Spickle Mon 29-Jun-15 15:25:32

I think you will get good advice when you are able to give more information.

Is your budget £2.8 million or £280,000? It is not clear. It is difficult to advise you otherwise as there is a big difference between the two.

You think there is work in West London so I assume this is also where you want to live. Are there any particular areas you like or prefer?

London is a big place with lots of schools but very difficult to point out schools and areas with so little information.

mandykaur123 Tue 30-Jun-15 09:42:01

Thanks for your time actually my bughet is only 300K... not millions... yes we are working West London so want to move near London ...Please guide me

Bearbehind Wed 01-Jul-15 21:34:35

OP, you are not going to get a 3 bedroom house in West London next to an outstanding grammar schools for £300k- no one can give you advice or guidance because what you are looking for simply does not exist.

You need to either up you budget or widen your search area.

Spickle Thu 02-Jul-15 23:33:57

Not too far from Menorah Grammar School

Apatite1 Thu 02-Jul-15 23:42:10

£300k won't get you any house in London. How far are you willing to commute?

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