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Experience with Tepilo / Purple bricks as a buyer

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Sooperswooper Mon 22-Jun-15 14:36:18

I do have another thread re: lack of viewings through a traditional agent so won't rehash here! However, it has made me think that it's worth considering online / no office based estate agents such as Tepilo / Purple Bricks to sell. I did have PB round to value the house and to chat about it but ultimately decided not to go with them as I believed the traditional EAs when they said they had a list of prospective purchasers looking for houses like mine. In a nutshell, it hasn't happened, so debating the utility of staying with a traditional agent when it's so expensive.

I would be really interested to hear feedback from people who have bought their house through these agents though- I've been through countless review websites with buyers saying that it was a terrible process for them with the online systems not working/ offers not going through/ difficulties and unwillingness to sign up through a website to view properties. Of course there are also positive reviews, but these tend to be from sellers. I've read the threads on here too, and also wonder whether the general consensus is that these arrangements (through PB/Tepilo) work best in cities rather than semi-rural especially in terms of the potential viewer organising it all online.

honeyandfizz Mon 22-Jun-15 15:12:20

I haven't any personal experience but my brother sold with them a couple of months ago. He sold his house within a week (ex local authority, not a massively popular area). The sale has proceeded and they complete next week. He said he's had no problems with them. Bit gutted we didn't use an online ea last year when we moved we would have saved a fortune. I see more & more purple bricks for sale boards around here & they seem to sell just as well as any others.

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