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full basic modernization cost in london?

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itdc Sun 21-Jun-15 22:32:11

I know there are a lot of threads talking about the same piece of string. But still want to hear again from your experiences in terms of the approx cost:

London Victoria 3 bed Semi, about 130 sqm, requires:
Complete rewire
Complete plumbing
Gas connection
GCH installation with radiators
All wallpaper strip off and re-plaster and repaint
New carpets (basic range)
New kitchen (ikea standard)
1 new bathroom and 2 new wc (again ikea standard)
1 new window open
No other structure alternation
+ any other small things

is 3-4 months + 60K + 15K contingency fund a reasonable number?

emwithme Sun 21-Jun-15 23:08:30

We are one month into a full renovation of:

4 bed stone built Victorian semi in Somerset, about 130 sqm living space plus 50 sqm cellar. Nothing done to it (except bodges, we have found) since 1970-ish.

Has wet rot, dry rot and woodworm, so timbers need treating and replacing. Cellar is damp so needs a membrane and pump fitting.

Had a lean-to (4 m x 2 m) attached to kitchen until Friday, being replaced by 3 m extension with pitched roof, 2 velux windows, beam for bifold door capability in the future but french doors at the moment.

All plaster-work hacked off walls.
Full rewire, with LOTS of sockets.
Full re-do of gas heating system (including running new pipe from meter)
New bathroom upstairs, shower room downstairs.
Bricking up of badly-opened-through rooms to create separate rooms.
3 external doors, new uPVC sash windows throughout.
All guttering replaced.
New kitchen (howdens mid-range) but not appliances as we have those (except for dishwasher).
Decorating throughout, carpeting/tiles where appropriate.
Underfloor heating at "rear" of house (utility/kitchen-diner)

It's costing us £165k (three quotes were all in that ball-park, topping out at about £200k) and the builders hope to have it ready for us to move into by September.

We were SHOCKED because we had budgeted around £75k for that...

ecosln Sun 21-Jun-15 23:13:54

I think nearer to six figures I was astonished at costs and how they as up. It's cheaper to build a new house! ... Mind you depends on finish etc. plastering expensive Approx for 4 bed:
11k plaster
Quotes 4-8k painting
Plumbing - total strip out and redo ( includes 2 bath 1 loo 1 megaflo underfloor heating - 10k
6k rewire not including wiring of new points. Not sure if charge extra do replacing existing in se location.
Per point we are looking at 20-30.. So with spot lights it adds up.

Basically all the boring but necessary stuff adds up. You can be creative/ compromise with the fun nice things!

Good luck

itdc Sun 21-Jun-15 23:14:07

emwithme, thanks. I guess the kitchen extension is the large part? In london it will cost about 30-50K alone? how much would it have cost without the kitchen extension?

ecosln Sun 21-Jun-15 23:14:38

Sorry I took out the cost of underfloor so 10k is without it.

emwithme Mon 22-Jun-15 21:27:27

Without the extension (but knocking down the (rotten) lean-to and making good) would've been around £125k.

Making the cellar water-tight (membrane/pump) etc is £10k of the total cost, apparently, and we have LOADS of windows/doors (front door, side door, back French doors, a bay window and 15 other windows - from memory!) which are being replaced with uPVC sash style (so more expensive than casement but more fitting with the house)

grumbleina Tue 23-Jun-15 10:58:16

2 bed flat about half the size of yours, in London, did everything you mentioned except the window and we only have one bathroom, did absolutely everything except plumbing, CH install and rewire (up to first fix) ourselves and it'll have cost about £20k once the kitchen goes in.

I think unless you're very, very, very into DIY, you'll be looking at six figures, as others have said.

itdc Tue 23-Jun-15 12:48:47

thanks all the reply. so i am trying to to a rough breakdown according to the info provided:

Complete rewire 10K
Complete plumbing 8K
Gas connection
GCH installation with radiators 10K
All wallpaper strip off and re-plaster and repaint 15K
New carpets (basic range) 5K
New kitchen (ikea standard) 10K
1 new bathroom and 2 new wc (again ikea standard) 10K
1 new window open 3K
No other structure alternation
+ any other small things 10K

looks like 80K ? is anything else I missed here?

SmellTheGlove Tue 23-Jun-15 15:42:34

I am doing the same more or less on 2/3 bed in london suburbs ( could be 3 bed but moving bathroom upstairs into one of the bedrooms). Approx 880sq ft. Costing about 45k, taking about 6months BUT we are project managing ourselves, living in it, and doing a lot if the unskilled stuff (taking out kitchen, lifting carpets, stripping evil bastard woodchip, ripping out built in cupboards, painting, making thousands of trips to the tip ourselves, so that is saving a lot. Rough breakdown is

Rewiring 4k
Install new boiler and GSH 5k
Changes to plumbing (moving upstairs) 1.5k
Chimney removed in rear rooms/stud wall corridor/ doorway to kitchen widened 5k
Plastering 1.5k (4 rooms)
New kitchen (DIY kitchens, plus install, decent appliances) 5.5k
New bathroom (mid range, plus install) 5.5k
Carpets (upstairs) 1.5k

Floor sanding 1k
New timber sash bay and single 5k
Garden shed/fencing 1.5k
Carpentry 1.5k
And various other bits and pieces

You can do it for 8Ok I reckon! It's probably not quite twice the size of ours (not good on sq metres!). I had costed everything before I started very carefully (endless internet research) and haven't got it too wrong! There are unexpected extra but nothing massive so far. Fingers crossed. VAT is a killer actually, make sure you include that. Building control adds a bit, windows and new bathrooms both notifiable, and chimney removal in our case.
I hoped for 40k, allowed for 50k ( but don't want to spend it!) and looks like final amount will be about 43k.

I'm in the mood at the moment where I wish I'd never started, but that comes and goes, and it's actually not too bad. Will you be living there while you do the work?

itdc Tue 23-Jun-15 16:07:46

thanks for the input SmellTheGlove, very useful. I am considering to rent a flat while we do the work until 1-2 rooms and bathroom ready we will move in and to the rest bit.

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