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Kitchen - sink position help

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ecosln Sun 21-Jun-15 21:55:07

Hi, We need to order our kitchen ASAP.

Can you look at these mock ups and help advise (apologies for the quality... it was cutting and sticking from a render as had to add tiles)

colours are not great in print out and artificial light - its a dark dark blue and a crystal grey - white but not quite.

Does it look stupid not to have sink dead on centre.

I think:

1) No from a practical standpoint. I would rather have a smaller LHS and a usable RHS
2) No - because of island it is Ok. If you centered the sink you would only see a bit of sink popping through
3) Yes because of the shelves etc it draws your eyes to find a mid point and sink is not in the mid point
4) Yes if there was no island
5) No - just dont make big thing of the tap. get a sleek single lever

its a 800mm Belfast style sink
island Units start 1200 from LHS glass doors
sink starts 1200 from LHS wall

thanks in advance

RaisingSteam Sun 21-Jun-15 22:05:44

I would go for practicality every time. Our belfast sink is under and a few inches off centre of the window. I never notice it. But if it had been centred we'd have had no room for the dishwasher which would have bugged us every day.

mandy214 Sun 21-Jun-15 23:23:42

I don't think it needs to be central at all. Just think what you'd do with the worktop on the RHS. Is it big enough to be practical? Where will the dishwasher be? Where will the job be? Just make it work for how you cook/ wash up etc

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