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Any electricians out there? Another "is this quote reasonable?" thread

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SasherinSuite Fri 19-Jun-15 13:52:31

We're relocating our kitchen and have a quote of �1895 to do the following:

To supply, install and test:
Qty 6 - Brushed Steel Downlights on the new kitchen ceiling and a further 6 on the dining room ceiling, all with 5watt LED (Non-Dimmable) lamps each equivalent to 50 watts

Spur points above kitchen cabinets to power client supplied counter lights and one other to power the proposed extractor hood

Cooker isolation switch and associated connection unit (CCU) wired directly from a new 40Amp MCB housed in the existing consumer unit and routed through the front bedroom floor space

An existing switch in the new kitchen to be rewired and converted to a single gang 13Amp socket for the proposed fridge

Re-route the existing light switch in hallway to the new kitchen

Qty 7 - 2 gang 13Amp switched flush mounted sockets centered between the work tops and kitchen cabinets at positions indicated by client

Qty 2 - single gang 13Amp switched sockets behind proposed dishwasher position and to power ignition on the proposed gas hob

Mains powered smoke alarm in the hallway

Battery powered heat detecting alarm on kitchen ceiling

Qty 1 � replacement light switch in the dining room

All kitchen power to separate 32Amp MCB.

Qty 12 � Brushed steel downlight fittings
Qty 12 � 5 Watt warm white non-dimmable LED lights
Qty 7 � switched 13Amp 2 gang surface mounted wall sockets
Qty 8 � 2 gang zinc plated steel back boxes
Qty 3 � 13Amp fused spur switches
Qty 3 � single gang 13Amp switched sockets
Qty 4 � single gang zinc plated steel back boxes
Qty 1 � 40Amp cooker isolation switch
Qty 1 � 40Amp cooker connection unit
Qty 1 � 40Amp Miniature Contact Breaker (MCB) for cooker circuit
Qty 1 � 32Amp Miniature Contact Breaker (MCB) for kitchen power sockets
Qty 1 � Mains powered smoke detector
Qty 1 � Battery powered heat detector
Approximately 20m of 2.5mm Twin and Earth (T&E) PVC cable
Approximately 25m of 4.0mm Twin and Earth (T&E) PVC cable
Approximately 25m 0f 1.0mm Twin and Earth (T&E) PVC cable
Miscellaneous clips, screws, connectors and fixings

It is estimated that the work can be completed in 2-3 full days.

Does this seem reasonable?

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