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offer accepted on repossessed property...what now?

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vintagetat Fri 19-Jun-15 10:35:43

I started a thread a while back about putting an offer in on a repo'd property and not having any feedback. After a lot of waiting, they accepted!! Yey! The bank are aiming for a 21 day completion, argh!! What kind of things can I do to speed everything up? The mortgage company are going in on Monday for the valuation so that side is moving along.
We are completing on the house we are in at the moment on the 7th so will have to live with my mum for a week or so.

SweetAndFullOfGrace Fri 19-Jun-15 10:59:51

You basically need to project manage the process. Make a list of who needs to do what (searches, valuation survey, home buyers survey if you're having one etc) and then follow everyone up with phone calls on a regular basis. Make sure your solicitor understands the urgency, and make sure both solicitors are in contact by email as well as letter.

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