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Attic Kitchen

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Machin Thu 18-Jun-15 22:31:47

We are considering putting an offer in an offer on an attic flat that needs a full refurb.

I'm just wondering about some of the logistics of that.

Specifically the kitchen. I'd like to keep costs down by planning the kitchen myself and hiring a carpenter. What limitations need to be borne in mind when two walls have sloping ceilings from waist height and two walls have a window or door?

IAteSomeofthePies Fri 19-Jun-15 10:23:30

I don't have any practical suggestions of my own, but your description made me think of this idea book I saw on Houzz:

senua Fri 19-Jun-15 10:28:50

What are the building regs on emergency escape in case of a fire?

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