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Water Softner System

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ecosln Thu 18-Jun-15 16:02:44

Any recommendations for water softener systems or a useful link where I can read about them to educate myself?

Trying to decide:

If worth it £ wise
If we have the space
Pros and cons
How they actually work


PantMoustache Thu 18-Jun-15 18:23:55

We have a reconditioned TwinTec one. Love it. Can tell when it is not working/out of salt. Has made a huge difference to limescale levels in the house.

Ours cost less than the £1K new.

TwinTec and Kinetico are the ones to go for - both work on pretty much the same method - don't ask me what - but it all fairly simple, no electricity required though needs plumbing in.

Space wise - you need as a rough guide the space equivalent boxes of photocopy paper....does that help? One in front of the other and then double height. Plus a bit of wriggle room for plumbing. you google images for them you will see what I mean. If Bottom of a cupboard not middle/top as quite heavy. Oh and somewhere to store salt blocks (we get these from amazon or ebay - where-ever there is a deal on).

If you can get a reconditioned one I would recommend it - saves you £££ and in essence they just kind or take an old one apart, replace anything that could go wrong and put it back together again. And there is not much really to go wrong.

Would not be without it now. Though we are in a very hard water area.

If you are lucky Piglet John will be along to add more expertise to my ramblings.

ecosln Thu 18-Jun-15 22:08:14

thanks for the info.

any idea where to start looking for reconditioned ones?

i am in Surrey but am from NE Scotland ... missing soft water!

Gozogozo Thu 18-Jun-15 22:42:59

If you are anywhere near Walton on Thames, try Friendly Water. They maintain softeners & supply salt as well as selling softeners.

PantMoustache Thu 18-Jun-15 23:09:56 is where I got mine from, though from one of the Herts branches.

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