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Moving to norfolk got job in Norfolk and Norwich hospital

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swATI06 Thu 18-Jun-15 09:38:25

Hi there
I will need some advice where to buy house in norfolk?????
we are moving to norfolk because my husband got the job in norfolk and norwich university hospital. We have 7 week old baby and looking for buying a house in area which have nice and friendly nursery , good private primary and secondary school. Can someone please suggest the area which is the best area to raise a child in norfolk????
The area
long water
Great Melton
Please comment on Harpsfield about the school and area to live with little alone as my husband got long shifts and he works nights as well ????
I have read physical violence in Costessey area and Harpsfield ???

BBQsAreSooooOverrated Thu 18-Jun-15 10:01:09

I would say no to long water and Costessey. The road out of long water is a nightmare and they're still building more new houses.
The high school in Wymondham is very good but the primary schools are quite over subscribed. Wymondham is a lovely market town though. It was on our shortlist when we relocated.
Cringleford is nice, there's A new housing estate quite close to the hospital which might be handy.

swATI06 Thu 18-Jun-15 10:15:23

Thanks for ur suggestion
Could you please suggest in harpsfield ???

swATI06 Thu 18-Jun-15 11:01:22

Can u please advice on Bowthorpe we like one house which near chapel break and three score. Is it safe to buy house in these areas with little one... Im really unsure about the area ????

Pyjamaface Thu 18-Jun-15 11:20:01

Old or New Costessey are nice. There are good primaries and infants but the Academy isn't the greatest. Lots of kids travel into Norwich for High School. Queens Hills/West Costessey, whilst nice enough and with a primary school, is an absolute nightmare for traffic as there is only one road in/out so I would avoid.

I don't know about schools around Bowthorpe but Three Score would be a very easy drive to the hospital

LBOCS Thu 18-Jun-15 11:29:08

The only problem with Three Score is that other than the BUPA hospital and a random cash and carry, there's not much around there - it's mostly just new(ish) build houses.

Have you looked further into Norwich? I'd have thought that as long as you're on the right side of the city (Earlham/Univeristy) the access to the hospital should be relatively easy. (Disclaimer: I lived there as a student and after uni; schools really weren't on my radar).

Vagndidit Thu 18-Jun-15 14:43:04

Definitely recommend Cringleford or Hethersett

If you want a bit more city life, the Golden Triangle neighbourhood is positioned well for access to the hospital and city centre, with a multitude of very good private schools (Norwich High, Town Close and Stretton) on or around the Newmarket Road area. I have loads of neighbours (obv I live in the GT) who work at the NNUH.

FiveExclamations Thu 18-Jun-15 14:48:27

Are you only interested in those areas or do you have a radius from the hospital you want to work to?

swATI06 Thu 18-Jun-15 22:03:12

We are open other areas and further suggestions which have good primary schools and nursery and as long as its within 20 mins cycling or 30 min drive to hospital Norfolk and norwich and we don't have to cross the hospital.

swATI06 Sun 21-Jun-15 10:00:07

How's heathersett and wymondham ???

Bombinate Sun 21-Jun-15 10:05:43

I've not heard of harpisfield. Try Eaton too

justaweeone Sun 21-Jun-15 12:22:21

What about the villages just off the A11. Good nursery at Hargham called Hall Farm. So nice villages, Banham, old buckenham, new buckenham, kenninghall etc. these villages have nice village primaries, wymondham college is a state boarding school with many students being day or weekly boarders. All within 30 minute drive of N&N
What type of property are you looking for and what sort of budget?

myusernamewastaken Mon 22-Jun-15 08:16:46

I live in the next village to kenninghall and can get to the hospital easily in 30 mins....i would suggest Old Buckenham or New Buckenham....not so keen on Banham but thats just my preference x

swATI06 Tue 23-Jun-15 22:32:53

how about the
clover hill and three score .
harpsfield ???

Wobblystraddle Tue 23-Jun-15 22:39:11

I'd avoid bowthorpe, three score, clover hill. Mixed, no real amenities. Wymondhsm is lovely - I have lots of friends there and none has had say problem at all getting primary school of their choice. High schools really good.

Hethersett is ok, houses more expensive as close to the city. Secondary school is not as good as wymondhsm. Cringleford is lovely, especially the village died, and eaton too.

I'd say old costessey is nice - longwater and new costessey, really bit so much. Avoid queen's hills too - one road in snd out by a huge retail park.

For character sync surroundings, I'd go Wymondham, personally.

Wobblystraddle Tue 23-Jun-15 22:40:24

I've just looked up harpsfield. Based on where it is, I prob wouldn't.

justaweeone Wed 24-Jun-15 08:06:22

I just looked it up as well, no I wouldn't move to Harpsfield either. Where are you moving from OP and what style of property do you like?

swATI06 Wed 24-Jun-15 10:24:13

we are moving from northampton and looking for 3 bed or 4 bed house and im interested in the family area for my little girl ...

justaweeone Wed 24-Jun-15 11:39:52

If you like new build properties perhaps look at Cringleford, the development is called Roundhouse Park. There is now a new primary school and village hall. Really near hospital, A11 and not far into Norwich. I used to sell new build houses on there and we sold to many people who worked at the hospital, many with young families.

swATI06 Wed 24-Jun-15 19:24:54

I have been to Round park way off A11. I didn't like the properties there.

swATI06 Wed 24-Jun-15 23:14:27

what about mulbarton ???

lostscot Wed 24-Jun-15 23:19:03

Id go south to the villages near A11 but depends if you want to be in the city?

justaweeone Thu 25-Jun-15 06:58:52

What didn't you like? Do you prefer older properties??

swATI06 Thu 25-Jun-15 21:04:11

yes i do prefer old properties.

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