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Insurance claim on our buildings ins for neighbours car

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hazbaz Tue 16-Jun-15 21:17:01

Oh wise mners, anyone with a legal background around to help me? When we were on holiday one of our roof tiles fell off in the high winds over Easter & smashed onto the bonnet of our neighbours (very expensive) car.

Insurance co have finally got in touch & asked when was the last time it was maintained. We only moved in 4 years ago & last thing would have been the homebuyers ( I can't locate at the momentblush).

What is our duty of care re roof maintenance - is self checking ok or are we supposed to be getting a professional out every autumn?!?!

Anyone similar experience? Thanks

hazbaz Tue 16-Jun-15 22:27:31

Anyone? Please....

GiddyOnZackHunt Tue 16-Jun-15 22:37:36

Do you have accidental damage cover as an option? I know once when we had some pointing deteriorate on a wall that let a load of water in during a storm or 3 , the insurance company paid for the internal damage but we had to make good the worn out pointing.
Nobody in the real world has a roofer out every year. I think your home buyers report is your best option. If you'd had work done then they might be able to claim against the roofer.

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