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Gaggenau appliances

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MrsFlorrick Mon 15-Jun-15 20:32:22

Considering Gaggenau ovens for new kitchen. A little bit wary that they are essentially made by Bosch.

Any experiences. Good or bad welcome.
Thank you thanks

Kieron79 Tue 16-Jun-15 06:28:35

Why would you be wary about them being made by Bosch? Bosch is a v good brand, we have recently had double oven and gas job by Bosch installed and v happy with both products.

MrsFlorrick Tue 16-Jun-15 23:59:05

Hi. I've previously had bad experience with Bosch induction hobs and two ovens.

VeryPunny Wed 17-Jun-15 10:28:58

Bosch isn't what it used to be - our 2 year old Bosch washing machine is a bit pants, and our neighbours are trying to replace their 4 year old Bosch hob. I knew that Siemens/Bosch/Neff are the same group but I didn't know Gaggenau were also made by them.

Walnutpie Wed 17-Jun-15 12:52:53

So a Bosch hob is not a good thing to buy?! What IS a good one then? I noticed that Miele is hugely expensive.

I'm just planning stage for kitchen but keeping an eye on local eBay hoping to get job and oven there. I almost bought a Bosch gas hob yesterday!

annalouiseh Wed 17-Jun-15 13:53:48

Gaggenau are nothing to do with the bsh group (neff, bosh, siemens)
all appliance compaines buy parts from others.

They are presented for the higher end of the market and imo not the best looking for appliance and they do cost a afair few £ notes

MrsFlorrick Thu 18-Jun-15 20:37:37

I've just checked and Gaggenau are owned by BSH which are the Bosch and Siemens parent company.

Guess that answers my question.... Back on the hunt for ovens.

ecosln Thu 18-Jun-15 20:57:52

We are putting gaggenau in our new kitchen. But one decided after got 80% off rrp as ex display.

However while I was on the hunt for ovens my main issue was USABLE capacity vs how much space taken up vs cost Side by side, stacked etc

Fisher and paykel have a huge one (no idea on performance)

And other option being 2 Miele. My friend put in a 70k kitchen and went for 2 no frills Miele as she said she didn't use all the fancy functions in her much more expensive Miele's in her previous kitchen.

I thought I had a spreadsheet but I can't find it... Sorry

ecosln Thu 18-Jun-15 21:01:06

Also gaggenau send a home economist to your home to help you cook with them.... And you get to go to gaggenau showrooms got home economist demonstrations..... A bit scared about learning all this! We have bought an oven and steam oven.

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