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Cats and extensions stress- any experiences you can share please?

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hooliodancer Mon 15-Jun-15 19:17:19

We are planning an extension on the back of our house. I feel a bit stressed about it anyway as it's our life savings. I just can't put up with having so little space any longer though!

We have 2 rescue cats who were feral when we got them. Although now tame with us, they are terrified of everything and everybody else! Their cat flap is in the back door, which obviously won't be there whilst the building work is happening. The back of the house will be boarded up while the work goes on. I just don't know how they will cope without their cat flap!

Also they won't be able to skip by the builders to get to the fields behind our house as the extension is the whole width of our land.

If you have cats, what have you done when you have had building work done?

stareatthetvscreen Mon 15-Jun-15 19:21:10

i have shut mine away in a spare bedroom with a litter tray but i wd also consider putting them in a cattery - much less stressful for them smile

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