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architects fees - london

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satinpillowcase Mon 15-Jun-15 16:20:43

Any advice?
seen four architects, but getting widely varying figures
they are all charging as a percentage of the total work cost.
so with a build estimate of 200,000...
one is suggesting 15 per cent
the other 16
the other 12
and one ten!
the fifth is suggesting a set reasonable cost up to planning (4000 pounds) and then a weekly rate of 500 pounds a week inc vat
fifteen or sixteen seems very high for a based-at home architect.
would be interested to hear:
1. what you were charged
2. whether you negotiated.
also does it make a difference if work done by riba trained architect or by trainee overseen by riba trained architect in same practice?

JKArchitect Tue 16-Jun-15 17:43:12

Hi, I'm an architect in London, Ive just sent you a private message with my details if you wish to discuss in further detail?

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