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Tenant vs Landlords responsibility over clogged toilet

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IdahoTenant Mon 15-Jun-15 10:00:39

Need more then an opinion here. I looked up tenants right and as far as I can see by law if my toilet is broken its the landlords responsibility to fix it. My toilet has been giving me a problem since I moved in 7 months ago. I am an excellent tenant who cares for where I live. This past weekend my toilet plugged up and I plunged it for about 2 hours off and on. In the past that is what I have done to it and it has cleared but not this time. I poured warm water down it. And basically went all night without a toilet. I tried to clear it out on my own but failed and called and text messaged my landlord and got no response. by morning I still had not gotten a response from my landlord and called a plumber out of desperation. I called several plumbers and no one would give me a price up front to come out. I left for the day because I couldn't get anyone to come out until late. So I made an appointment. A plumber arrived at 530 pm and told me it was going to cost $215 to unplug and clear the line. Outrageous, I didn't feel I had a choice. I could have gone to Home Depot and bought a snake and attempted to clear out the line myself, but that is not in my rental contract to repair broken things in my rental home. I sent the bill to my landlord and he is now telling me that I have to eat the $215 and had no business calling a plumber. He said it is my responsibility.He seems to believe that the only responsibility he has is to rent me an apartment and he can fix appliances in an emergency. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I don't want to fight with him. I have 5 more months to go on my lease. He also did not disclose to me that the previous tenants were heavy cigarette smokers and I am allergic and have been constantly sick in the apt since I moved in. I have suffered tremendously with health issues because of it. The smell is coming out of the walls and vents. I have spent over $40 for special filters for the ac/heating. I feel I have legal cause to break my lease.

Damnautocorrect Mon 15-Jun-15 10:17:06

My understanding is a blocked toilet is your responsibility, unless it turns out to be bad plumbing. Same as a blocked sink.

sanfairyanne Mon 15-Jun-15 10:25:24

are you in the uk?

Sunnyshores Mon 15-Jun-15 10:34:51

Guessing from your name you're in Idaho in US. This is a UK board so different laws.

HappenstanceMarmite Mon 15-Jun-15 16:02:09

My understanding is a blocked toilet is your responsibility, unless it turns out to be bad plumbing. Same as a blocked sink.

That would be my understanding too.

hairhelpplease Mon 15-Jun-15 16:29:59

The smoke issues are not relevant here. You should have brought those up 7 months ago when you moved in. I assume you viewed the place. If the smell is as bad as you say it would have been evident when you viewed so why lease?

You don't sound like you are from the uk. Unless someone comes along that specialises in the U.S. rental market I cannot advise.

As a landlord I'd have called a plumber for you however, if the block was caused by you then you would have been invoiced for it.

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