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living in canary wharf/mudchute/limehouse with a baby?

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melpenm Mon 15-Jun-15 07:29:59

Hi there, we are moving to London from overseas next month and wanted to get advice on whether canary wharf/mudchute/limehouse are convenient with a 9 month old baby? frank views and thoughts welcomed. we are also looking at greenwich, but are aware that it gets really busy in summer...appreciate advice much!

BookSnark Mon 15-Jun-15 07:30:42

Yes - it's great. I recommend Mudchute.

bittapitta Mon 15-Jun-15 07:34:41

A friend of mine lives there and finds it a strange mix of incredibly rich head-in-the-clouds women with partners who are never at home, and on the other hand absolute deprivation, incredibly poor immigrant communities there too. Good children's centre provision. Fun things like the museums and city farm. Good transport links (tube, DLR).

LesleyKnopeFan Mon 15-Jun-15 07:37:46

I lived in limehouse for a long time, had babies there. Lots of lovely river walks, nice parks, Canary Wharf a 20 min walk along the Thames. Great transport links. Can't praise it enough, although the once kids were school age, it was time to retreat to the country.

All in all, if I were to live anywhere with kids in London, I'd live there.

melpenm Mon 15-Jun-15 07:43:39

great! what children's centre is this? Is it mudchute nursery? are there any other nurseries recommended?

about schools, is it difficult to get into st edmund's rc?

LesleyKnopeFan Mon 15-Jun-15 07:54:00

Have a look on the UK schools website (can't remember what it is), there's a lot of good schools in the area. There's a Montessori school on the highway (5 mins from limehouse). There are farms and so much to do for kids, we used to attend a clinic, then a brilliant kids centre in Shadwell.

itdc Mon 15-Jun-15 09:24:04

convenient if you work in CW, you will find the areas heavily mixed with young professionals and highly deprivation citizens. Hence crime stats is not the best in London and community service is also overly subscribed. Lots of my friends used to leave there until they have kids, they tend to move to further suburbs before school ages

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