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condensation in bedroom

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candlesandlight Sat 13-Jun-15 15:58:00

We have condensation in bedroom.any advice on how to deal with it gratefully received. The Windows are pvc / double glazed.

Greenrememberedhills Sat 13-Jun-15 16:00:30

You have to open the window or buy one of those moisture extractors.

Bunbaker Sat 13-Jun-15 16:04:12

How often do you open the window?

Condensation usually occurs when there isn't enough ventilation. Also, do you dry washing in the house with the windows closed?

candlesandlight Sat 13-Jun-15 16:16:50

Small window opened every morning and left open till about 4.30 . No washing is dried in the house

PigletJohn Sat 13-Jun-15 17:01:06

Perhaps you have a plumbing or drain leak. Have you got a water meter?

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