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Kitchen, bathroom, toilet, walls and carpets for 20k... Possible?!

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Babypythagorus Sat 13-Jun-15 06:59:58


I've found a house I love - a Victorian terraced house with 3 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, kitchen, bathroom, downstairs loo.

But it's on at the higher end of our budget, and needs loads of work.

Is it possible to put in a new kitchen and bathroom, and sort the walls/carpets for 20k? Or is that mad...?

Thank you, wise MNers!!

chibi Sat 13-Jun-15 07:02:36

What does sorting the walls mean- painting or re plastering?

Brambles35 Sat 13-Jun-15 07:15:37

We just had a new bathroom and cost £6k. I'm guessing £12k for kitchen and so a bit left over for the rest?

poppet131 Sat 13-Jun-15 07:19:46

Definitely! Plastering was 3k, kitchen & fitting was 4.5k, bathroom & loo was £4k, painting was £1k for whole house and carpets and solid oak flooring was £3k. This was incl. elements of electric & plumbing work needed in the relevant rooms. We're in London but the cost depends on what u go for. We got an ikea kitchen fitted, etc. Go for it!! It's a great opportunity to put ur stamp on a home :-)

Babypythagorus Sat 13-Jun-15 12:36:20

Poppet, that sounds much cheaper than other quotes I've had (and we're in London too). We're you happy with the finish? And can you recommend tradesmen??!

poppet131 Sat 13-Jun-15 17:01:20

Finish was great!! We had tradespeople from outskirts of London rather than central london. Our plastering quotes varied from £2.5k to £7k!! Happy to recommend - I'm based in SE London.

dynevoran Sat 13-Jun-15 17:23:51

Yes totally doable. We did this for less with cheap Labour. Paying standard Labour prices would make it around £20k or so...Give or take a little bit.

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