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Stinky water coming through floor - cracked drain or blockage?

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Late last night stinky water started appearing on our tiled conservatory floor. Firstly when I pulled the plug on the kitchen sink, and again when the dishwasher drained mid cycle. Does anyone know if this could be caused by a drain blockage, or is it certain to be a damaged pipe? We only bought the house 8 weeks ago and have had trouble with bad smells since moving in. Any advice gratefully appreciated. TIA.

I should add that the conservatory backs on to the kitchen, the sink and dishwasher plumbing is on the shared kitchen/conservatory wall, but we can't find a leak in the pipes above ground level.

Sorted now.

Vagndidit Fri 12-Jun-15 10:15:51

What was causing the problem OP?

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