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moving a wall

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TremoloGreen Thu 11-Jun-15 12:01:36

Thank you to everyone for your patience, and even responses to me filling up the property board with daft questions as I go through my house buying nightmare! My latest silly questions is this.

We are looking at a house that has a very small third bedroom, but it seems to me there is space to move a wall separating two bedrooms, without compromising windows, that would make/leave both rooms a decent size for kids rooms.

I cannot tell by looking if this is a supporting wall or not. The floorboards run the other way to the wall, so with floor joists running the same way (parallel to) as the wall. The 'ridge' of the roof (highest point) again, runs the other way to the wall, so I would guess the roof joists also run the same way as the wall (?) All this makes me think it is probably not supporting, but I do think there is a wall directly below it on the ground floor which makes me wonder.

Even if it is a supporting wall, I am guessing you could still move it but it would be a trickyer job with engineer and RSJ etc, possibly having a 'header' coming down from the ceiling somewhere. What do you think?

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