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Big table or island

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kittentwo Wed 10-Jun-15 21:00:58

Hi we are renovating our 1970s bungalow soon to be house. We are creating a kit/lounge/diner also having Sep lounge. We have some fantastic views so plan is to put bedrooms downstairs and build patio over the top with gliding doors or bifold on to patio and views. Kit lounge diner will be a basic rectangle 18ft by 21ft with glass doors all down long side. Originally I wanted an L shaped kitchen with a large table as the centre piece to make it more of a kitchen diner with room for a sofa Want to keep a 70s feel. Dh is a builder and as this is an investment in the long run am wondering if an island facing the views would be better than having sink and cooker facing wall shelves and paintings on wall not just a crap blank wall. I have had an island before and didn't really like it. Have found I use kitchen table much more since we don't have one. Opions please confused

Millymollymama Wed 10-Jun-15 22:09:23

I am a fan of an island! Mine contains a veg prep sink (the double Belfast style one does face the wall) and I have a large hob with an oven underneath in the island, so when I cook and prepare food I face away from the wall and look out over the garden through a glazed wall with patio doors. Our island is about 3.4m long and 1.4m wide with a table built into the end of it and a range of cupboards on the other side. The storage is fantastic and as I have two glass walls in the kitchen ,I needed the island because wall storage is a bit reduced and the island makes best use of space. The table has curved cupboards underneath it.

I think what you have really depends on what storage you need. If you have ample storage and prefer a table, go for that option. I would not swap my island though!

kittentwo Wed 10-Jun-15 22:33:52

Thank you molly that's really helpful. I am seriously considering an island as we look over a stream and hills with cows an sheep. I am only having base units and lots of big long shelves on the walls. Lots of storage in utility for dishwasher and big fridge freezer etc. Need a big table though 7 or 8 ft as have grown up dc and dgc too along with teenager end up with lots of people to feed will keep looking am trying to strike a balance between modern an mid century so thinking parquet floor handle less oak units set in corian. Thanks again for advice your kitchen sounds fab. smile

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