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Problems with new baxi boiler

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als30 Tue 09-Jun-15 23:05:42

Had a condensing baxi boiler installed fri there had no problems with it till today noticed boiler was flashing green and had a spanner and low pressure thing on it called the guys from British Gas who installed it came round ASAP to find that by accident one of the workmen who's doing the sunroom had knocked the sludge pipe out side while he was digging (should be sticking out wall was pushed in) once that was sorted everything was ok till later this evening
Boiler is flashing green no error codes just have a tap symbol heater symbol and low pressure again and the number flash between 0.8bar and 40.oc (that temp is going down) the heater is not due to fire up till 7am while it be ok and what could be causing the problem with boiler
Plus I've noticed one bedroom rad was cold on sat been ok till later today cold again plus I hear water trickling through the kitchen rad and a few others upstairs when the rads are hot
Just checked before posting the numbers of the bar are flashing between 0.7 and 0.8

ajandjjmum Tue 09-Jun-15 23:17:34

We had a Baxi boiler installed about three years ago and it's been great. I've always called their support team for service, and they've been pretty helpful. I suppose you'll have to go thru' British Gas though if they supplied it - and to be fair, there are often teething problems with a new system. Keep hassling! smile

als30 Tue 09-Jun-15 23:28:07

Had phoned the guys from British Gas that installed it obvious they were finished for the day left a message also phoned British Gas said a engineer would be avilable tomorrow we've been fine with it trying to get used to it as we had a system boiler before just worried about it fireing up in the morning or could it be that we keep changing the trvs in the rooms

PigletJohn Tue 09-Jun-15 23:37:32

Low pressure suggests a leak.

Have a look at the pressure release valve, which vents outside the house through the wall, and is turned back on itself to point at the wall.

If it isn't dripping and there are no signs of wet, feel around and under all the radiators, then any other pipes you can see, and the system filter if there is one. Old radiators sometimes rust and leak at the bottom seam or around the valve connectors.

Trickling noise in a radiator is caused by air in it.

I don't know what a sludge pipe is.

als30 Tue 09-Jun-15 23:47:46

Sludge pipe is a pipe that is connected to the boiler I know with the old system boiler a few month ago I had to get a pump replaced and water started draining out from that pipe same when the guys came to put in new boiler water was gushing from it and a pipe slightly higher up in sure it's called a overflow
I've checked the Rads for leaks can't feel anything can't see any water marks on ceilings or hear any dripping just seems to be today it went funny
Read the Manuals about the boiler one of the things that's light up says its to do with DWH request other is central heating mode and water pressure too low symbol with the numbers that change every 2 seconds

Will everything be ok with the boiler till tomorrow? Totally new to combi boilers lol

PigletJohn Tue 09-Jun-15 23:56:57

if, as I suspect, there is a leak, then water will continue dripping out of it until the pressure reaches or approaches zero. If the boiler has been recently fitted then I expect the system will have been powerflushed and inhibited so should be pretty clean and not likely to stain much. If the water dripped onto a ceiling or carpet there might be water damage. I do not expect the boiler will work again until the leak has been fixed and repressurised. You may as well turn it off at the electrical switch that is probably in the wall close to it. I gather you are having the installers back tomorrow.

Apart from the pressure relief pipe, which points at the wall outside, there will also be a condensate drain pipe, usually plastic and should go to a nearby drain, preferably indoors. This might drip if there is a leak inside the boiler casing. It will always carry water when the boiler is in use, so it should not be placed where the drainage will cause any problems.

als30 Wed 10-Jun-15 00:30:17

I've left a message with the installers to call me in the morning again!!! So hoping they come first I know a condensate pipe was put in ran it through the loft and down through to a drain something to do with my bathroom
So I shouldn't worry about the boiler trying to start as once the temp in house is below 16 it kicks in and turns off when it reaches 21
One thing I'm thinking is there's a box that fills with water and is supposed to drain away I've heard it a few times since fri but haven't heard it drain yesterday or today

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