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Is this a multi burner stove?

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kah22 Mon 08-Jun-15 20:42:24

I've been looking at buying a multi-burner stove and today I saw one which I thought 'that's for me'. But as always life is not that simple!

The stove I was looking at was the Varde aura 11 described in the literature as a wood burning stove and certainly all the reading I've done on it says like wise.

I emailed the retailer (large operation and a good reputation) just to clarify this point with him his salesman got back to me stating that:

* 'just went down and checked and it's defiantly a multi fuel one.

it has a grate and ash pan which wood burning stove's generally don't have.

thanks for your visit and we hope to work with you in the future.' *

So he seems pretty certain

I appreciate you may not have installed the same stove but anybody run up against a similar situation, would love to hear from you


PigletJohn Mon 08-Jun-15 20:48:16


I sounds like he did not look at the manufacturer's specification. Any dealer should have it.

See if you can find it online.

If the maker is in conflict with a shop assistant, believe the maker.

kah22 Tue 09-Jun-15 11:53:08

I've been doing some Googling and emailed a few suppliers. My potential supplier replied to my query stating:

what you have read is correct but I have sold several of these stove now and all for multi fuel and have seen them burn coal and other fuel without any damage to the stove.
its all about managing your load levels that you don't over fire your stove, most of the time it is difficult to get wood with the correct moisture content and if you where to buy the kindle dried wood they can be expensive and don't last long in the stove.
kevin the stove companies always put this in as a disclaimer but I can assure you this stove is fine for multi fuel.

we also have other stoves in our range such as an astroline 3cb or 4cb which I think you would be interested in.

And again another company I contacted emailed back saying:
Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your enquiry, the Varde range are only tested with wood, so the efficiency and output ratings are stated for burning that type of fuel. However they do have the shaker grate and ash pan which make it possible to burn other fuels.

It looks like they are both saying it is possible to use coal


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