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Sharp smell in flat?

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Fibbertigibbet Mon 08-Jun-15 17:54:31

We moved out of our old flat a week ago and into a new one, and received the inventory report for the old flat. The inspector commented on a "strong sharp smell" upon entering the property, which we'd never noticed, and I didn't think too much of it, because the whole report was extremely nit-picky, and we'd run about with citrus scented cleaner just before we left. Today we came home and on entering our new flat I caught a really strong, sharp, very unpleasant smell as we walked in. I have no idea what it is, doesn't seem to be coming from anything in particular, and now I'm really paranoid about it! Has anyone else had a simialr issue? How did you get rid of the smell?

Sunnyshores Mon 08-Jun-15 19:19:44

So you suspect its the same thing, an item that you have moved from one flat to another, causing the smell? The inspector smelt it a week after you'd left? I cant imagine what would leave a smell behind for that long, assuming you dont have pets and also at the front door - rather than a smelly kitchen appliance or something. Strange!

Fibbertigibbet Mon 08-Jun-15 19:43:19

We've moved furniture, but just got a new mattress in this flat, so not that, and the sofa we've had for less than 2 months, which are the main big bits of furniture that are porous. Haven't moved any large kitchen things to the new place. We have a cat, and he peed a couple of times near the door of the old house where a neighbourhood cat would pee on the other side (always extensively cleaned this up, but did worry this is what the inspector could smell), but he hasn't had any problems in this flat and the smell isn't like cat wee, more of a musty vinegar smell. There's a bad smell sometimes in the building of the flat, but it's not the same as this smell (that smells more like poor drainage).

New house is a studio/open plan, so it doesn't make it easier to isolate the smell!

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