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Thegentlemonkey Mon 08-Jun-15 17:29:15

Possibly the most boring thread ever, but can anyone recommend good screwdrivers that don't rub your skin off/slip out of your hand/really hurt when you're doing significant amounts of DIY? That's all thanks - my hands are protesting from my rubbish value ones & I'm prepared to invest!

BovrilonToast Mon 08-Jun-15 17:36:21

Get an electric screwdriver. Expensive, but work it!

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Mon 08-Jun-15 17:40:16

Get an electric or a ratchet one, I hate normal screw drivers now.

HollyMaingate Mon 08-Jun-15 18:26:47

Halfords advanced professional range. Lifetime guarantee, excellent quality.

PigletJohn Mon 08-Jun-15 18:34:52

look for drivers with an oval (not round) handle. You do not have to grip it as tightly as an engineers screwdriver (which has a grooved cylindrical handle and is suitable for screw that go into nuts, not needing much force.

Do your best not to let the handle press on the centre of your pam, which is where the blister will come.

If you are driving screws into wood, it is preferable to drill a pilot hole first. It will reduce the risk of the wood splitting, will help the screw go in straight, and will reduce effort.

BTW when buying screwdrivers (also spanners) look to see that they are made of Chrome Vanadium steel which is very tough and will not quickly wear out. It will be stamped on the blade and marked on the packet. The tips should look "ground" and may be a different colour to the shaft.

"forged steel" and "chromed steel" are inferior.

Buy a small set so you always have the right size of driver to fit the screw. It will grip better without wearing out the head of the screw of the tip of the driver.

PigletJohn Mon 08-Jun-15 18:35:33

centre of your palm

PigletJohn Mon 08-Jun-15 18:38:12


Never buy any tool with the word "Silverline" on it.

poppet131 Mon 08-Jun-15 19:05:23

An electric one would be your best bet but if you're after a manual one, this one is absolutely brilliant:

It has a clever twist/lock mechanism so that when you rotate back and forth with the screwdriver, the grip moves with your hand so it doesn't rub against it. Seriously amazing!

Thegentlemonkey Mon 08-Jun-15 19:20:38

Thanks so much, great advice.

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