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Help with extension layout please

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LayoutLayoutLayout Sun 07-Jun-15 11:39:03


We're in the middle of adding a kitchen/diner on the back of our house.

We always planned to block up doorway A and open up B (currently the old window and door). I'm now having second thoughts and think we should keep doorway A and either completely block off B or have the bottom solid and the top half of the wall glass.

The big issue is that the play room (P.R) has no natural light coming in so will be borrowing it all from the windows and roof lights in the new extension.

I thought it would be great having the P.R off the kitchen so I could be sorting dinner whilst keeping an eye on the kids but I'm not so sure now...

Would you block up A and have B fully open like we originally planned?

Fully block up B and keep A so you could have more kitchen units going along the -/-/-/ bit? And just accept that the P.R will always need lights on.

Or partially block up B with brick at bottom and some kind of glass at top so you still get a bit of light into the P.R but keeping it separate from the kitchen and access from doorway A in the living room?

Please help!

Katymac Sun 07-Jun-15 11:51:27

To me it would depend on the ages of your children

If they are tiny & need to be kept out of the kitchen then keep door A open up B and have a stable door/gate to keep them out of the kitchen

If they are older but not teens block up A and you can monitor internet/homework etc while you are cooking

If they are teenagers - block up them both with a small slot to push food through they won't give a damn about natural light!

But if you aren't a terrace/semi you could have a window in the side wall

vienaa Sun 07-Jun-15 16:24:56

What about having some bi-folding doors in B and block up A so then you get the light and you could keep it open or close.

LayoutLayoutLayout Wed 10-Jun-15 12:13:13

Sorry, forgot I'd started this thread blush

Thanks for your replies.

The kids are all 7yrs and under. Should have mentioned that we're terraced which is why we can't put a window in at the side - would make it a bit easier if we could!

Think we're leaning towards blocking up A and putting glass doors on B so the playroom feels more separate from the kitchen but I can still keep an eye on what the kids are up to...

OhEmGeee Wed 10-Jun-15 15:05:49

If it was me I'd open it all up. We have a large kitchen/dining/play area and it works, honest. We have different zones and it's great being able to watch the DC. It's where we spend all our time (we have a living room too). Having looked at houses with separate play rooms I much prefer it now.

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