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Question about building warrant/regs plans

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mshomefries Sat 06-Jun-15 21:59:32

I posted this week about the cost of plans for a building warrant. We've decided to proceed and have received the plans but now I'm a bit confused.

The plans are required as we're knocking down a load bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room. The plans show a kitchen layout that wasn't discussed; to be honest I thought the plans only had to show the current floorplan and the proposed floorplan, excluding the kitchen cabinets etc (if that makes sense).

Now I'm wondering if we need to show the new kitchen layout on the plans (we've not actually decided this). I thought we only needed a warrant for the removal of the wall but the guidance says it would be an offence to deviate from the plans. As our drawings show a kitchen layout that we're unlikely to use I'm concerned that we would contravene the regs.

We thought we could get the work signed off and a completion certificate issued when the wall was removed but before the kitchen is installed.

I realise I'm probably waffling now but could anyone advise?

vienaa Sun 07-Jun-15 07:09:31

The layout of the kitchen does not really matter, on our plans it just says to be decided by client, and threw our build we have made a few changes here and there, which we spoke with the BC when he comes to sign off each step of the work and just writes it on the plan if he is happy with it.. As for the sign off and certificate they will not issue one until all the work is done and its a fully working complete kitchen...

mshomefries Sun 07-Jun-15 16:55:49

Thanks. When the wall is knocked down we'll still have a kitchen; the sink and cooker won't be affected. I'll check with the council too.

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