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Encaustic cement tiles in bathroom

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DoloresLandingham Sat 06-Jun-15 20:55:44

I've fallen in love with some Moroccan encaustic cement tiles but I don't know anyone who has them in RL.

Does anyone have them in a bathroom? Please be brutally honest with me. Do they stain or scratch? Are they cold underfoot? Slippy? The ones I like are pre-sealed but am I right in understanding that they need further sealing?

PoorNeglectedBike Sun 07-Jun-15 08:33:59

We've got some from
That very same range in our kitchen. They have got a few stains but that might be greasy stuff being in a kitchen rather than a bathroom. They were a pig to cut too and being so thick caused a few issues

They look fab though so I can overlook their inherent impracticality. Dh not so much

PoorNeglectedBike Sun 07-Jun-15 08:35:22

And yes, they need resealing post installation and pre grouting. Then again once grouted with 24 hours drying time between each stage

Beautiful though...

PigletJohn Sun 07-Jun-15 11:02:31

I thought encaustic tiles were always fired clay. Am surprised to read that cement ones have been in use for thousands of years.

It would be interesting to know if these cement tiles are prone to shed dust, like other concrete flooring.

PoorNeglectedBike Sun 07-Jun-15 11:06:27

No dust from ours, they're lovely and smooth. They are a bit crumbly when you cut them though. I think being so thick they were a bit much for our tile cutter and it took quite some practice to get smooth straight cuts

Eastpoint Sun 07-Jun-15 11:09:58

The fitter needs to make sure they get all the grout off before they seal them, friends of mine have had to have theirs re-finished after only 6 months as the general builders on their extension didn't seal them well.

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