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Banham Locks broken pin common fault

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HelenandBack Fri 05-Jun-15 16:21:44

Anyone else had an experience like mine with Banham?

How long would you expect a Banham lock to last? How long do you need he locks on your front door to last? How safe do you need them to be when your kids get home before you and the dog is inside waiting?

My kids called me from the door step two days ago to say that they couldn't get in. I managed to get home and call a lock smith. Two hours later, GCSEs and exams the following day, dog traumatised inside, the lock smith finally drilled out the Banham thumb flick lock telling me that a pin had dropped and that this was a very common problem. He told me that he used to work for Banham and it was a well known problem that had never been solved.

Which explains why this is the second time in 10 years the same lock has failed. It also explains why Banhams very impressive guarantee not is a just one year.

Banham have simply said that the lock is outside guarantee and that I probably got dust in the lock. Thanks Banham that's great client relations. So that's £230 for the locksmith and another £200 to replace the lock plus labour £200 plus better replace the other main two lock which is sticking before that locks us out too. Total about £800 which I shouldn't have needed to spend at all.

And that's if I can find half a day to go down to the Banham prison office in Kensington where they treat you with disdain as guilty until proven innocent until you produce one of their official gold cards.

Ten years ago there was only Banham. Now I'm told by my engineer there are better products half the price and Banham are just living off their brand and need to develop their product and their service. If you've had your locks 10 years or more change them before they lock you and your kids out like me.

Let me know your experiences with Banham.

PigletJohn Fri 05-Jun-15 18:19:52

I have no experience of Banham, they are a high-price product and seldom seen outside certain parts of London.

You might consider Ingersoll London Line, they offer a BS nightlatch and a BS mortice deadlock which can be suited to the same key. It is another premium brand. You had better ask around for a reputable local locksmith to supply and fit. He could probably remove the lock in a few minutes, the two-hour call is sometimes a ploy to increase the charge and make you think the job is difficult. Drilling out a cylinder requires no skill.

Your home insurers may cover door locks where a key is lost or stolen, and may have a list of recommended local locksmiths.

I can't see the Ingersoll guarantee period. The brand is now part of Assa Abloy which also makes the Chubb locks (now branded Union). They also own other brands aimed at various price points, including Yale.

I can only remember one case where a Chubb lock failed (due to a broken spring) and Assa Abloy sent me a replacement part FOC. I have an idea the guarantee is 25 years but you had better check. I have a 4L67E - BS High Security Rim Lock, branded Chubb but now badged Union. It is possibly the best cylinder nightlatch you can get. It has no pins and the mechanism is uniquely sturdy. It cannot be bumped or snapped.

If you are in the UK your insurers will probably require you to have a BS lock.

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