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Cardiff mumsnetters! Advice needed on apartments in city centre.

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Thisissomething Wed 03-Jun-15 08:27:43

I am in the early stages of thinking about buying a small apartment in the city. We life abroad at the moment but thinking we may have to come in the near future so need to get a foot in the market again if possible. We will probably settle back somewhere in Wales if not Cardiff.

So my thoughts so far.
I think I prefer to be actually right in the city centre ( not in the Bay). I would need to buy somewhere that hopefully won't lose it's value ( big fear) and is easy to sell in the future. With so many flats in the bay I feel the centre would be a better choice. I also think I would prefer to not to be in the Bay but I maybe mistaken and this maybe a better choice than I think.

I may have to rent it out in the shorter term but I am hoping to use it as a base for when I come back but it would need to be easy to rent out.

Looking at what is available does anyone have any advice on the various apartment blocks. Golgate, Altolousso, and admiral in particular? Noise, reputation etc. I really like the Hayes but know they are more expensive and don't come up very often, but I am considering these if possible just for those reasons. ( I know there maybe renting restrictions though which may mean it's not possible).

The apartment block in Westgate St looks very reasonable and have lots for sale. I am wondering why. I know it is right next to the stadium but apart from that looks like good value.

Anyone any advice I would be very grateful. Since I am abroad it not easy to go back and do as much research as I would like but of course I will be making a few visits. ( just for info I am fairly familiar with Cardiff but only short visits over the last few years ).

Thisissomething Wed 03-Jun-15 08:47:17

forgot Schooner way apartments Atlantic Wharf look like they may be of interest as well. ( closer to centre).

Mrsbaconandbeans Thu 04-Jun-15 17:13:04

Apartment blocks in west gate street are old and have high service charges. Cardiff bay flats are two a penny and you may struggle with letting-selling so personally I would steer clear. Does it have to be city centre? Some really nice suburbs with large flats such as whitchurch or rhiwbina are nice. On train line/bus route or a short taxi ride into centre

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